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5:47 PM, Monday, June 1st, 2009:
<shakes head in amazement>
Look at that. Cameron is walking on freaking Abbey Road. Next you're gonna tell me he has his own show or something. :-)
It's just one adventure after the next in Adamland and I can easily say I'm having the time of my life. The 2 plane rides to get here were a breeze as were the 2 "Tube" rides and the bus to get to this flat. Of course it's as exhausting as it sounds but when you're on top of the world none of it even phases you. I remember this phenomenon well during the CBS days. You're so high, you don't notice how bad other areas in your life are. However right now, everything is aligned.
I'm staying with Alom who is the husband of Lizzie, who is a friend of Linda's who I helped out last month being background for the Christian Slater thingee. She was really appreciative and set this up for me. THANK YOU!! Oh and apparently she was hanging with George Lucas this weekend? Will have to get you more details on that one...
My day in London was rather leisurely which was the intention when taking a day between trips instead of non-stop to Nairobi. I was initially going to do Africa late in this trip but it was easier for Linda to do it earlier. Makes no difference to me. Clearly my sleep schedule is wacky, but it's about to get wackier with another 15 hours of travelling tomorrow on my way to Nairobi. I'm not sure I'll ever be in one place long enough to catch-up, but that's never bothered me. You just end up bein' kinda tired most of the day. Big whoop - you're in a different country.
So I decided after LA, Chicago and NY... it was time to go international with my running videos. This is absolutely my favorite. :)
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
That's just so, so, so cool to me as a Beatles fan. I just happen to run across Abbey Road. Now clearly I didn't just happen to - but it's cute in the video. And how awesome was the old man that helped me videotape it? He actually said:  "Right-O!". And seriously? Has to be the most annoying intersection in all of London. A constant stream of people crossing the road for no other reason than to mimic an album cover. Here's a different angle:
I was very fortunate to get such a clear day and clearly the original picture was taken at the same time of year. Other than the squiggly lines that went in just a few years after the 1969 picture, it looks identical.
And yes, everyone has said:  "you should photoshop the other Egos in!!" If that's the case I'm better off using the original picture. Cameron's the only Ego I can pull off easily however from this distance I could've done them all. Damn, wish I had packed those wigs. I actually left my camera on a little statue for this shot until the man helped me get a closer one. Oh and got this as well:

Cameron signing the Abbey Road wall. I'm planning on putting together a little short film with Cameron in London and Adam in Africa, but at this point I'm just getting interesting shots. I love that Cameron signed the wall though. Forgot to take my earrings off though. GRRRR.

So ends my first day in London. Having a fuck of a time getting this video uploaded and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to compress the hell out of it to put it on youtube. KILLS me that I'm doing all this shit in HD and won't have a chance to show it that way. It's a waste to do it after I get back, 'cause everyone will have already seen them. I'm gonna hold off on this upload until Nairobi on the off-chance there's a great connection. If not, it's low-quality the whole trip. :(
See you in Africa.