9:32 PM, Tuesday, May 26th, 2009:
This type of hypocrisy makes me crazy. This is what made me crazy about Fahrenheit 911. Moore was so busy pushing his own bias that it ends up distorting the truth... and then everyone loses. You all POLARIZE YOURSELVES by only defending your agenda. Can't anyone defend something they disagree with - simply because it's right the thing to do? So we'll start with my beliefs, i.e. my agenda:
I don't believe in any organized religion and will defend your right to believe in that organized religion to the death. The Journey works for me... so don't take it from me, ok? Because of my lack of religion - I could give two shits about who gets married and truth be told -- me giving someone an opinion about marriage is like Dr. Phil's fat-ass writing a diet book (which he did). To each his own, I think everyone should have the right to get married. My take on the law side is a bit different however: I don't believe the state should recognize ANY marriage. They should recognize legal unions. The problem is with the state adopting a religious term "marriage" in the first place. There should be no "marriage license" and at no time should the state have recognized a religious entity. If you got married in a church, and it was seen as a union by the state... none of this would matter. But because no one will stand up and change the terminology at the state/federal level - we're in this "mess". So that's where I stand. My "agenda" would be allowing anyone to have any union they want in the eyes of "my government". 5 wives? Fine. What do I care? My only issue there would be once you got married once you'd need the spouse to sign off on the 2nd 'cause the share goes from 50% to 33.3%. To the state? It should all be about money and the legal side. Blah, blah, blah.
So enter Ms. Carrie Prejean who is asked her thoughts on gay marriage by Perez Hilton. Why the fuck this is a question at a beauty pageant is beyond me... but as you can see to the right, she says she disagrees with it - it's how she was raised, marriage is between a man and a woman. Good for her for having the balls to stand up against what is clearly not the momentum of the country at the moment. That was seriously my first reaction, impressed she stood up for her beliefs. But Perez and seemingly everyone else went apeshit. Called her an idiot, a bigot, used every stereotype in the book about a vapid beauty queen and it has been relentless.
And this, is why, we can never bridge gaps in our society. Even the progressive people think they're MORE RIGHT than the rest of the people. Sound familiar Bush haters? Sounds rather fundamentalist and exclusionary don't you think? This is a moral issue on the religious level, and a civil rights issue on the state level ONLY. Her bible says gay marriage is wrong. End of story for her. Thankfully for my personal beliefs, most in our society feel differently than her and we are inching our way towards a different type of union. One I, and the rest of my generation, feel more comfortable in. But make no mistake, this is a religious issue for the people that believe in the bible and if we were truly progressive? We'd respect that. We'd love them the same way. Hell we'd actually stand up for those that are getting SLAMMMMMMED for stating a religious belief.
And if you feel her religious belief infringes on your right? Welcome to America where you can vote, you can protest, you can change your society. And it's happening. I'll think nearly every religion infringes on freedoms of some sort - so it's up to the society as a whole to go:  "Nope, time to change". I love that about America. You know how FAST shit changes here? I mean we bitch about a slow bureaocracy but really? In a generation? Guys, other countries are stuck in the 1800s. Just look at the shift in gay culture in the last 30 years compared to the 300 years before it? It's extraordinary. We are moving at breakneck speed because of the internet and every day this country looks more and more diverse. I mean, we went from not being able to take care of black people in Louisiana to a black president in 3 years. Incredible time to be alive.
So the supreme court upheld the proposition in California today. It'll be struck down next year. They're all dyin'. The dinosaur generation is passing on and people under 40 could give a SHIT who gets married. It is funny that they recognized the 18,000 marriages that happened last summer though. Talk about schizophrenic. More lawsuits coming on that little caveat. It's a fun little game - because truth be told? Civil unions had the exact same rights. Dirty little secret. Identical to marriage. But in this day and age, you should have every right to say:  "I am married to this person" and hold your head up high. Be able to go into a hospital and say: "THIS IS MY HUSBAND" instead of partner. You should be as accepted as anyone 'cause you are human, you have feelings and you are one couragous mofo to be married. All you fuckers fighting to get married is kinda funny to Mr. Divorce. And I will return the favor that was given to me when I announced the wedding to Donna:
"Good luck with that."