7:49 AM, Friday, May 8th, 2009:
I know that by default, because no one could prove I wasn't the first, Wikipedia kept my "World's First Video Blogger" moniker on the site. No one was ever refuting it actually, but Wiki-nazis don't give a shit. They're the masters of poking holes in any assertation... and, well, good for them. That's why it's the site that it is.
However during the "war" last year where I was proving that my video blog started January 2nd, 2000 - I really wanted to bring up the fact that just THE JOURNEY started on that day. 'Cause I was doing "show entries" throughout 1999 (though only 10 of the 35 show entries had video clips, I later went back through 1999 and spruced them up with videos for every entry). So if y'all wanna get all technicizzy, 10 years ago today, when I wrote this entry and uploaded this clip, I introduced the video blog:
3:42 PM, Saturday, May 8th, 1999:
Fellow Online Supporters,
It took every bit of 6 months from the moment I had the idea on November 3rd, 1998 to get to this point. The fact that there was an audiecne the VERY FIRST TIME the TVs were even turned on is pretty amazing. I simply wanted others to share this moment.
Friday, May 7th, 1999, (9-12AM)
I took my time since I was at work anyway. Once 5:30 hit I went at it. I was so excited you can't imagine. I was putting the TVs onto their stands and getting ready to perform. A dream realized. When everything was set up I hit play and basically sat and watched. For about an hour that's all I did. Then I turned around and 20 people were already there. I wanted to watch the TVs!
(Ed. - ya gotta check out internet video quality in the 90s)
I screwed around some more. The people knew that this wasn't a formal performance, and I was just as curious as they were. I did do one set specifically for them and then went from there. No real order, just seeing if it all fit. The room was pitch black and we had a flood light on me. It was impossible to open my eyes. Just incorrect lighting, no biggie. I had fun seeing how it all worked, where I needed to stand...how I needed to act. It felt pretty good.
(obviously the youtube link wasn't added in '99 wiki-nazis, I added it now)
Everyone seemed to harp on the same thing. I wasn't looking at the audience enough. I tried to explain about the lights, but they kept saying "you need to learn how to deal with bright lights" (sigh) I've been on stage, I've been on TV, I've done LIGHTING for TV, I understand how bright lights work. These were incorrect. You don't use a huge flood light 4 feet from a performer. We did it because we had nothing else. Oh well. To tell you the truth, it was a bit annoying. Many people treated it like this was an actual performace and seemed to question my ability to interract. I know when I have my first show this will not be a concern, but I took their critique and got to the good stuff. The good stuff being the interraction! "WE WANT MORE INTERRACTION!" Absolutely. I felt the same. These were the first 5 sets I even tried. It was hard enough to get everyone to sing at the right places, let alone speak to each other and make it seem like 5 different people. From this point on the sets will be more comedy oriented. Heh, what a tough crowd friends are. I loved them for coming down and seeing it, and I hope they come and see the first REAL SHOW and see what can really happen.
Ahh, there ya go... Finally an actual performance. 5 more people came aftrer the first crowd left, and though my voice was killing me, I had to do it again for them. And this time, I actually got to start with the first set, and treat it like a performance. Much smoother. I still couldn't look at them 'cause of our flood light (which they eagerly pointed out...heh heh), but it went nice and smooth. Then I had to run and jump on the air because I was doing my show! We played Nintendo all night on the 4 TVS. IT ROCKED.
Anyway, we used these test runs for the promo tape that I sell and give to establishments. Hopefully the next time I turn these babies on I'll get paid for it!
So if anyone wants to throw down, I'm throwin' down May 8th, 1999. Just sayin'. The thing is, how many entries/videos/blogs per month really constitute a pattern? For example, there was one other guy who had a video blog earlier than 2003 and that was Adrian Miles, a professor who started his in November 2000 - but he had something like 4 or 5 videos that entire year. He continued his until 2005 and kept up at a pretty decent pace, but again, who determines the difference between uploading a few show videos and really making a "video blog"? I believe there has to be an obvious start. Announcement, entry number, etc.... somethin'. Which is why technicalities aside, January 2, 2000 - when I wrote "Entry #1", should be considered the start... but if we're throwin' down - '99 bitches. May-ninety-nine.
Alright, Christian Slater and Rosario Dawson are about to walk in - so I'm gonna close my laptop and figure out a way to get some video of this shit. Huh? Exactly. It's The Journey and we're in the midst of a feast. Load up on coolness now because - DEAR JESUS WOMAN WEAR A BRA. GOD. GOD. Sorry, an extra came in pokin' a freakin' hole in her shirt. Two actually. What was I saying? Fuck. Oh, right - it's a cool period of time, let's enjoy the ride...blah blah blah.
That might be the only time in my life that boobs spoiled the moment. :-)