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11:24 PM, Thursday, April 23rd, 2009:
My yawns are getting bigger, my vocal chords can barely produce a sound as nearly 7 straight hours of spreading the news has rendered them useless. This is the 2nd time I've had a day like this in my life - and it's a wonderful feeling. As I mentioned in the last entry, this feeling will soon be replaced by other emotions so you're smart to just enjoy the moment as it will fade. I have been, and it's already fading, as am I, but what, a, day. I'll just come right out and say it:
Weller/Grossman Television Productions wants to be my production company They have a great relationship with Comedy Central and we're pitching to them in 2 weeks. Showing them everything from Up & Adam to The Egos to Let's Bomb Iran to Aunt Jemima. They basically want to be behind me when Comedy Central discovers me, and presumably signs me to a development deal. More than anything though, they want to produce my content and they have specific personal relationships with Comedy Central and believe with the wealth of stuff I've already packaged, we can sell it to them. Other than handing me a check, there's no way this could have gone any better.
Funny, I wrote that without even thinking. Part 2 of this meeting is in many respects even more fantastic and I'll get to it at the end. So I take that back, there's one way - that NONE OF YOU WILL EVER BELIEVE that it could've gone better, and it did. LOL. But, back to Comedy Central.
Whew. Gary (the Grossman of Weller/Grossman) knows the guys at Comedy Central very well. They've wanted to work together, but this production house does more non-fiction type stuff with the only comedy being producing a couple "bloopers" shows for NBC. They believe, I'm unique enough - and with the stuff I did with CBS - have enough to show them to make this work. We specifically talked about how advantagous it is to not have to make them use their imagination... this shit is already done. Here we are ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT, The Young & The Restless... all slickly edited as if it were made to be pitched. The work is done, and that will help us quite a bit. To say I'm glad I killed myself at CBS, while in a virtual vacuum as far as feedback etc., is to say the least. Finally, it looks like the hours and hardwork I put into those shows is paying off.
The part of this that really changes the playing field is that I go into this, with a television production house backing me. I've had friends before that pitched ideas to networks etc., but it's always them trying to sell it to that network to develop... by themselves. I've never known anyone to have a production house of this size (literally 1000s of tv shows under their belt) backing them telling the network - WE are going to produce this... are you interested? It's just a completely different level. They get it. This is what I've been waiting for... ever since Mr. Friedman was fired. Another: "We get this, let's go make it happen..." That day has arrived.
Now, depending on where your happiness lies, this next part might be bigger to you. Either way, it's literally the definition of unbelieveable.
So as I mentioned in the last entry - huge Beatles connection with Deb. Well I told them about my standing and not eating/drinking so I wouldn't lose my spot for McCartney. In the middle, Deb says - "Wait, don't say anymore I'm gonna go get my camera." Confused, I turn to Robb and we talk about something else. She comes back with a little flip camera, and it's the exact one I have - only white. She says, here - I'm gonna record this and send it to Paul.
<I'm making the face I made to her off to the side of the laptop I'm typing on. It's one that literally says "I'm sorry, I thought you said Paul like you were referring to Sir Paul McCartney, but I'm sure that's not what you meant>
Paul... like, first-name-basis Paul. I believe I said: "Oh, don't... don't tease me Deb" and she goes: "No, I'll email him this tonight." And so of course, I pull out my camera and record them recording me... and this is what makes The Journey so fun. It's a video blog. :-) Enjoy:
 If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button...
For "housekeeping" she took my phone number and email after this.
Think about that for a second. Uhm. Paul, the man who called her for her birthday last year to sing to her... she's gonna email him this video she took and then she just got my information. Ya know.
<I'm now once again looking off to the side of my laptop much in the same way I was previously. Basically if I was travelling back in time to, I don't know - Saturday and I'm telling myself what just happened. THAT Adam would look at me and go: "Oh fuck off you lying bastard - no FUCKING way." So yeah, that's how I look>
So yeah, needless to say - my own pocket video cam and my cell phone will not only be in my pockets at all times, I will never be more than an inch away from them. Any call I don't know will be recorded and answered on speakerphone. And this will continue for probably the rest of my life. The phone has now once again become what I explained in the "Dream Crack" entry from 2006: this magical device that changes my life instantly. And if I get a call from Paul McCartney on it, it is going in a case, it's getting engraved and will never be used again (I have a back-up). Holy freaking christ.
So which news is bigger? Answer? WHO GIVES A SHIT. THEY BOTH HAPPENED TO ME TODAY. AND TOMORROW I PITCH TO ATOM FILMS! And then pick up my dad! And then surprise him and take him to Vegas to see The Beatles Love show. So to The Journey Gods:
THANK YOU, BUT AGAIN - as I said in 2006 when you decided to throw CBS, Donna AND The Sopranos into like one week (wow, looking back that's a bit more balanced than I thought - LMFAO...ahahahahahahha) anyway - thanks, but can you PLEASE SPREAD SOME SHIT OUT already? I go 18 months of utter pain and destitude and then you just throw a week of INSANITY at me? ?!!?
But that's your way. I'm riding the train fellas. How on earth do I go to sleep tonight?
Actually, I'm unbelieveably tired. I'm probably gonna sleep far better than I did last night... oh and speaking of difficult days/nights - if I thought working in that 9-5 cubicle was tough TODAY? Oh jesus. How 'bout the next 2 weeks? Or the day of the Comedy Central meeting? OMFG. Just... dear jesus.
Meh - it beats the alternative. :-)