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9:16 PM, Monday, April 20th, 2009:
Rarely do I ever say "don't skim" for an entry. I fully accept and understand people just do not have the time to read/view the ridiculous amount of things I produce. But, a few times in the past 10 years I have actually had to come right out and say "don't skim". Moments like this are rare. They are the backbone of this entire Journey. They are the "egg" you are happy to throw in the air and your feet can't touch the ground. Enjoy this moment, it will soon be replaced with a bunch of other emotions - and nowhere near as special as "potential". :-) So, this is how I initially started this entry:
I actually sat for 5 seconds and looked back over the OMG's to see if I did them right 'cause I typed it so fast. I didn't. So I fixed it.
This is... wait! Journey Gods! WAHOO! Great to see them again:
The Random God
The Happy God
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ RANDOM!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ HAPPY!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
A 2 Journey God Strike!!!
So excited. This will probably be locked for a bit, but I have to write. Sometimes the stars just absolutely align. I'm not gonna even hesitate to throw this egg in the air.
I told the 3 ladies I work for a couple weeks ago about the Europe/Africa trip as I wanted to give them enough time to officially freak out. LOL. There's a specific monthly newsletter that I design for a really big account that they don't want to do without me... but alas for June they'll have to. They were excited for me though. They know how temporary this job is (although we've thought that for nearly a year now), and want to see me succeed.
One of the bosses, Barbara Weller, mentioned my trip to her husband Robb, who runs a production company and is currently working on content for "The Africa Channel" in Africa, and asked for my demo to see if maybe I could do something for them while I was there. When she first told me this, I had to leave the office. I closed the door behind me, got chills, and my eyes welled up. Not because I thought this would turn into something huge, but because I was risking SOOOOOOOO much with this trip. In no uncertain terms can I afford this trip - but my heart told me to do it. Hours later, I found renters for my house when I'm gone, I'm pitching to Atom Films to sponsor some of the videos (and now even CBS News) and the following day she tells me this. I had started an avalanche. I was stuck in the middle of this mountain jumping up and down screaming "LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S GO!". And with one click of the submit button I started into motion soooooooooo much. It really can feel spiritual when things like this happen.
Now, I've always known who her husband was. It was never lost on me that there was an opportunity here - but how do you broach that subject? "Hey, I'd rather work for your husband's company, can I give you my demo to pass along?". As well, I needed a J-O-B, more than a lead. So I kept everything very secret. Best way not to get hired is show the company how successful you are at doing something else.
So he saw the demo. Loved it. Passed it to the head of development, Deb Supnik. She, and I quote from him on the phone the next day, "ran out of her office immediately asking when can we get him in for a meeting." She writes to my boss Friday while I'm at Coachella, the following email:
Hi Barbara!
Finally got to my backed-up email and watched the links on Adam Kontras. I think he is special!!!! Went right in to talk with Robb and I suggest we try and schedule a time to meet.
Adam has had terrific success already and hopefully we can do some things with him for W/G.
Let me know how I should proceed.
Hope all is well with you!!!!!
Barbara pulls me into her office today and tells me about the email from Friday. She summarizes the email and, honestly a bit unnerved, says this probably has nothing to do with Africa. I actually knew that from the tone of her husband's call to me but remember, I haven't read the email yet. Then she forwards it to me so I can contact her.
I've read a lot of emails from heads of development. A lot from potential managers. A lot from potential everythings. This email is different. Not only is there no "but" to be found... it shows enthusiasm that TOTALLY DIDN'T NEED to be told. You don't have to denote "went right in to talk to Robb" or "hopefully we can do some things for him". But she did. This is a clear-as-day, not-even-a-hint-of-holding-back: we're interested, let's do this now.
I also know the demo they got. It's "The Egos" and "Up & Adam". In fact I'll just post it again right here. If you're the head of development at a production house, and you're excited after watching this, you have some specific things in mind. That's what Production Companies do. They invest in shows, talent, that they feel they can sell to a network or cable company. I've talked with a few out here and while all have been positive, nothing has moved this fast.
It gets better.
So I google her name. And amazingly, I've heard of her before. In fact I even saw her in old footage from a documentary. Why? Because, this is so ridiculous, The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, asked her (at 13 years old) to start the Official Beatles Fan Club. She ended up doing so well, she started arranging their press conferences, fund raising events - even appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for her work with them. She still consults on several Beatle related film and video projects. My boss told me she knows Paul personally and he even calls to sing Happy Birthday to her.
Doesn't end there. She worked for CBS for 14 years. 7 in NY, 7 in LA at Television City and was primarily in programming where she worked, among other things, in late night. Ready for the cherry?
She's also a personal manager and CEO of "Off Sunset Management".
Oh and what has she done as head of development at Weller/Grossman Productions? From her bio:
"...Debbie has identified and/or discovered many of today's most notable hosts on both broadcast and cable television."
Not that I'd be good at hosting or anything. I'm still not done.
I write her back and a couple hours later she tells me Thursday at 4 - because everyone at the company wanted to wrap things up so we could ALLLLLLLL talk. ALLLLLLLL talk at the end of the day. I'm not meeting the head of development, I'm meeting Weller & Grossman annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Deb.
So clearly my mind started reeeling. Had to call the one man who always gets the first call for things like this: my father. I had my pocket cam with me and figured it would be funny to tape what I looked like while I was on the phone with him at my building's patio. This is awesome...

I try to sit down. LMAO. That is such a wonderful moment for me to watch. I all sit down and stretch out like I'm gonna stay there and then immediately have to get back up and pace again. HAHAHAHA. Precious shit. It really doesn't even feel like me. I'm happy for that dude in the video that i've been following all these years.
Goddamn - I'm really gonna be schizophrenic when I hit my 70s aren't I. Oh well.
Entry Thursday.