10:43 AM, Thursday, April 16th, 2009:
I envy the video-less blogger sometimes. How spontaneous you know? Much harder when you have to have a video as well. It's this juggling act that oftentimes delays a story... simply because you can't figure out one part. In this case the entry was Sunday, the song for the video was also done on Sunday... but I'll be damned if I couldn't figure out the video until tonight. So the whole thing won't go up until Thursday. But the video is cute:
 If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
Song info: It's an old Harry Connick Jr. song I recorded it with Stephanie Doyle on Sunday. We kept it to 2 voices each since I don't have a working multi-track program at the moment (I did it all individually and pieced it together later... ridiculous way to do this). Then for the video I googled the words and chose them from the first page that came up. And believe me, this is difficult with search-safe off. Very enjoyable, but difficult. LOL. Some funny ones in there for sure. And before you all ask, the picture for "even" - was the first image that popped up and, well, who am I to second-guess what Google says is the best representation for the word?
So why the hell was Sunday so heavenly? Here goes the egg... I'm throwin it up there: finally met with the "really huge actor's assistant" through Teryn after being invited to Easter dinner. I mentioned her in #852 and #854 - a friend of one of my bosses and an absolutely raging supporter of me. Ha, that sounds like a disease. A raging case of herpes. Anyway... actually - wait! I'm forgetting the start of the day!!!
HELLO FIRST 4-SQUARE GAME!!! DAHHHHHHHHHH. Dear, dear Jesus is this gonna be fun. I cannot express just how intense this game is when you put the proper rules on it and how excruciatingly frustrating it is when you get knocked out. We all played for 2 hours and had a blast. The reality show is going to RULE. There is so much drama within the game and you can so easily band together and specifically screw one person - it's made for this. Hell. Yes.
OK, sorry - just had to get that out. Anyway, Teryn has been talking about her nephew for a couple months now and after seeing my demo wanted him to see it... but wanted me to actually sit down and talk to him and play it. Teryn has seemingly boundless energy and although having a huge actor like your stuff doesn't mean what, say, a production company liking your stuff does - this particular actor will have his own production company and at the moment is absolutely huge. He's smart enough to parlay that into a production company making his own movies/tv/media and his assistant has a great bond with him and is a blazingly smart fellow as well. Simply put, this isn't a coffee gopher... or marijuana gopher as the case may be. :)
So it wasn't 5 minutes before I got there that Teryn is "Go show him! Go show him!". It honestly felt like being 6 years old and your parents arranging a playdate. So we went upstairs and I showed him the demo. He was certainly impressed and we talked for a bit about everything. The good news is he said he'd be happy to show... uhm, Bob. We'll call him Bob. Happy to show Bob the demo and whatever other stuff I wanted to pitch. At the moment he's got another million movies to do and is in the midst of finishing the script on a really big one - but once that is in production they will all focus on producing his own stuff. Bottom line though, I know he'll see whatever I send - and I now get to stress about just exactly which things to show him. Needless to say, the email hasn't gone out yet. :-) This will be overthought for probably a full week. And no, I'm not name dropping the actor as I'm hoping at some point he'll just say hello in one of these entries and surprise you all. I just need to find that Dewey wig to appear in it with him...
Now, this and 4-Square alone is enough to call it an entry - but there is more. Teryn's girlfriends were there and were about as welcoming and hilarious as any people I've ever met in this city. Turns out one of her friends, Ann Walker, has been in the industry for years (most recently in the sitcom on Logo "Sordid Lives") and is currently repped by a gigantic voice-over agency. Was friends with voice-over GOD Don LaFontaine (who was also repped by this agency before his passing last year) and not 3 seconds after the demo she's pulling out paper and writing her info on it. Certain she can get me repped by this agency. Now, I'm sure there is a collective "duh" coming from all of you. I did talk radio for years and was a production director after that - it isn't lost on me that I would do well in this field. I just can't express how the field isn't "dabbled in" out here. It is as competitive and cut-throat as acting and you need to take it very seriously. This agency is big enough that I would be willing to jump, really jump, and put the majority of my effort into it. Realize that every audition I would go on would cost me $50 just on missed time from work alone. So it's a lot to consider... but you know what? Fuck it. I really believe I have enough talent that I actually NEEEEEED to quit just to get some of that "scare" back into me. You know?
It's like the Europe/Africa trip - I'm FREAKING OUT now trying to get all the pieces to come together. Pitchin' like crazy - hell I even contacted CBS again about them covering parts. It's one thing to look for a parachute before you jump, it's quite another to jump first and then find the materials on your way down. There's certainly a little more urgency in the latter. :) But it will work out. You have to take risks. Ann may absolutely be that crack in the door that makes me blow it off the hinges. And what an adorable woman. If you have a moment, watch an episode of "Sordid Lives" on her site. She's incredibly funny. Be forewarned, this episode in particular takes the use of the word "fuck" to an entirely new level. She's LaVonda, the woman juggling the phone tag while getting her hair done.
More than anything however ('cause the industry part of the day was like 9 minutes out of 4 hours)... everyone was so welcoming. It really felt like visiting friends and family back home. I haaaaaaaaaaate the networking bullshit - but when it leads to talk about kids/spouses/life stuff for hours on end (rare as rare can be out here, seriously) it's wonderful. I mean that's how it should work you know? You meet people because you have things in common (say you're both teachers) and then you talk about other stuff. But in this town? It always seems that you never get past the business. At the end of the day? I need real people in my life far more than I need a "contact". And that my friends, made Sunday "heavenly".
...and I'll keep the rest of the night to myself.
PS - the video portion of the video was done with the new MinoHD camcorder which I bought to sneak into... THE PAUL MCCARTNEY CONCERT AT COACHELLA TOMORROW!!!!!
Expect awesomeness on Saturday. :-)