11:41 PM, Friday, April 10th, 2009:
Nothing I can write to you is gonna keep you from thinking I'm not a little nuts. In my mind, the series of events that lead to this make all the sense in the world - but as I've started to put them in order for this entry I'm realizing this is gonna seem like an insane risk to the majority of you. And, as the following picture clearly shows:
...that point isn't lost on me either. So here it is: For the entire month of June I will be in 5 other countries including England, France, Italy, Germany and Kenya. Yes that Kenya in Africa. If you ever wondered what it felt like to leverage a small fortune you don't have on credit because you believe it will end up paying dividends afterwards - it goes something like this:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
So Adam... what, the, fuck? Here's the series of events - tell me if you wouldn't do the same thing:
-Linda is in India and has been trying to get me to come out there for months. India is a pretty dirty place, with very little that even remotely interests me. How she's been there since February is beyond me. It hasn't stopped her from trying to dream up an adventure for us to go on. She's making a living doing video journalism and actually making quite a name for herself. Just sold a piece to the Wall Street Journal online. As I mentioned in one of the Inauguration entries... girl is just inspiring man. She just up and DOES it. She will most definitely be a lifelong friend and I love seeing what she'll get into next. I however have 2 mortgages and can't just get up and leave for a month.
-I have a project that I'm going to be announcing in a couple months that is quasi-forcing me to make this year special. Hard to explain without giving it away, but I am gearing up for the 10 year anniversary and I have been trying desperately to make shit happen. If the 4-Square didn't prove that, what will right? The thought of doing another "Japan" type trip has been brewing in my mind, but I just cannot afford it.
-Linda tells me, she has work for us - if I meet her in Africa. It isn't even enough money to cover even a week's worth of work here, but it is something... and I ponder it a bit...
-Andrew IMs me and says he can't believe the rates for overseas tickets. He's finding all sorts of round trips to europe for $550 to $800. They were nearly double that a couple years ago... and man... my head starts to spin. I start lookin' up flights and I start seein' it come together. I tell him what I'm thinking and he straight up says: "Dude, if you do that I'll paypal you $100 immediately just to read/watch the entries."
-I start to see that getting to Africa from Europe is actually pretty cheap and I start to scheme. Skype with Linda and she can feel that my heart is jumping. She thinks we can make more money doing more pieces once she tells everyone we're there. With her journalism contacts and my "1st video blogger" moniker, as a tandem we make an attractive team.
-Meanwhile the 4-square thing blows up and I'm meeting with Atom Films. I was going to just pitch the 4-square idea, and maybe The Egos... but it occurs to me that they may be interested in "The Journey". Especially if the 1st video blogger ever is going to Africa. If I can promise them certain types of videos, some songs, some political stuff, some funny stuff - hell perform in some cafe in Italy... they just might buy a couple videos - and I just might be able to break even here.
-I throw a status on Facebook: "Adam Kontras is asking - does anyone need a house to rent in LA for the month of June?" and within 3 hours I find a friend who is moving out here at the end of May with a buddy and would need a place for a month while they find a permanent home.
...so just how many more things have to align before I just say "fuck it" and run with it? It will end up being a fortune, it will come out of my home equity line, it's absolutely a hail mary... but honestly? What do you guys care? How freaking cool is the month of June gonna be? As an actual fan of following this story (even though it's mine) I want to see it happen - and now it's happening.
I am jumping off the cliff and finding the pieces of the parachute on the way down - and I've already gotten enough pieces that I'm going to land relatively safely. Oh, I may break a few legs at this point, but I'm not gonna die... but potentially? This could change my entire life. If Atom Films sees the value in this? If the pieces Linda and I put together give us recognition? There's so much potential for this trip to change my entire life and the coolest part? It's 100% from Facebook and Journey fans. I'm actually going to be able to meet my German Journey Player! Linda is from Facebook as well. For all the flack I caught for "adding people I don't know" (and you cannot fuckin' fathom how much I get) I have opened up my entire life, made unbelieveable friends/contacts and am now choreographing an adventure completely from the "add" button. So call me a Facebook whore.
...just learn how to say it in French, Italian and German BITCHES. 'Cause I'm goin' 'round the world - couch surfin' all the way and taking all of you with me.
So, still think I'm nuts?