6:00 PM, Wednesday, April 8th, 2009:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry about how this is turning out. I know, in the end, I don't care how I get there -- I just want to get there. But mother fucker, if I get some sort of fame for a goddamn 4-Square reality show after recreating the FREAKING heaven and earth with The Egos... well, I'm just gonna accept it. The insanity of this entry is proof that Hollywood is a puzzle that defies logic.
But daaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit - I already had these 4 pieces - IN THIS ORDER - 10 years ago. They just happened to be televisions with different versions of me within them singing and fighting live onstage with one another. How silly of me to think that would be impressive. LOL. Paint the boxes on the ground and say "reality show"? Clearly genius.
All smartass comments aside - I'm really excited and am in a great mood,
I just enjoy starting entries with a little perspective. :-)
So after the last entry, Laura writes me and says:  "Ahem, should I be offended that you are casting this without me?" She's a Casting Director. She and her partner of course cast television and movies for a living. But see, that was the point. For a LIVING. I can't pay ANYONE. And she says - "I'll do it pro-bono to help. I'd like to do Reality Show casting... this will be cool."
!??! Wow. Uhm, well shit now this just got a whole lot more legit. Slight insight to those outside the beltwayyyyyyyyy.... well outside the smog ring about Hollywood: actors know Casting Directors in this town. It's kind just part of the dance. Over time CDs see the same actors and get a repoire with them. If an actor is smart, they get to know what each CD likes, etc... and plays their strengths accordingly. Well, that's how I'd do it if I was going out on auditions. Several CDs have lectures you can go to, ask them questions... again, the smart actors take advantage of all of this and take any opportunity to show CDs how serious they are about their craft. So Laura even lending her name to this will mean a class of talent that I otherwise would not have gotten to participate. So besides her instincts and talent for her own craft (which believe me casting is), this production has some credibility.
So much so now, that I wrote to my contact at Atom Films who bought "Let's Bomb Iran" in 2006. Little unknown fact, he offered to buy "Hey Aunt Jemima" last year but to this day I have been unable to get ahold of the right people at Pinnacle Foods to get the legal OK for the parody. Either way - he's been interested in everything I've had to show him So I wrote him about the 4-Square show and he replied almost immediately to set up a meeting in a couple weeks so I can pitch the whole 10-show series.
?!?! And just like that, we're now laying the groundwork for this to be picked up on a bigger level. If the show premieres on Atom Films this summer? It's less of a risk for a production company out here to want to grab the idea and produce it themselves. My ideas for the show (which will now come nowhere NEAR this site for legal reasons) are pretty "hybrid-ish" and unlike anything I've seen. This all lends itself to the uniquity that TV is striving for and the way things are coming together... it's hardly a leap of faith to see this progressing increidbly fast...
...and if it doesn't in the end? Who cares... I was doing it for The Journey anyway. I just wanted to entertain you guys! I was sick of the stagnation of the first 3 months and decided ENOUGH! Hang on, lemme look at the last 3 months - I think I've just shed some insight on just how hard I am on myself sometimes. The last 3 months included:
10 Entries in January - including a 5 part series of me flying to DC and going to the Inauguration with incredible footage of the Inauguration and the wrap-up video that's just perfect. Annnnnnnnnd a song and as well as a live performance in Columbus.
10 Entries in February - including an international interview in The Philippines as well as the clip from The Philippines and a 3 part series introducing all 3 Trinitron Shows online for the first time. Oh and putting every single Journey video on YouTube and topping it off with the creepy ass pedophile clown video. Yeah, boring month Adam.
10 Entries in March - including joining Adam Darling's band for a night and doing a gig at The Key Club, secret footage of Marcy Playground singing "Sex & Candy", The Facebook Journey group - another song, and cleaning up Journey mountain.
And I'm actually depressed that not enough happened in those 3 months. Seriously, I actually just said that to my dad today as I was telling him all the OTHER stuff going on (wait'll that entry - whew). I guess the truth is that you all get to watch all the fun stuff - and I'm depressed because I'm still at this 9-5 trying desperately to "fund" a way out and I haven't been able to yet. That's what I see the majority of the time - but the entries have been really interesting. My bar has just been sooooooooooo raised after CBS though - you know? I just demand so much of myself and when you know how much you can achieve when given the chance? Every moment of your life is under-achieving. Harsh, but so true.
Anyway, you won't believe the next entry. I still can't believe I'm doing it.