9:01 PM, Sunday, April 5th, 2009:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
I know I've gone to pretty extreme lengths for a joke before - but jesus... any idea how embarrassing it is to paint primary colors on your driveway for a grade school game like 4-Square? I felt like Michael Jackson. Like, I'm sure my neighbors were waiting for the hopscotch next. And, yeah - this is greaaaaaat for the resale value. nothing screams "buy my house" like a freaking 4-Square court permanently painted on your driveway. Not that I'm selling but, godddddddamn was I not going to go through all of this for one entry.
So yes, it is true... and I wasn't even remotely joking... I'm actually doin' this. And I believe about as strongly as I believe anything that it will be highly entertaining, and no matter how ridiculous you reading right now might think it is... you will actually be hooked on it this summer. Lemme recap the previous 10 "April Fools'" entries:
2000 - Jess leaving - FALSE (a bit ironic considering, but false nonetheless)
2001 - Winning the lottery - FALSE (best joke EVER, so hard to pull off believeability)
2002 - Trailer stolen - FALSE (pretty weak, but got some of you)
2003 - Dad's heart scare - TRUE (bound to happen, huge news on THAT day)
2004 - Leaving LA - FALSE (so well written, it even felt true to ME)
2005 - Adam "4tvs" Kontras - TRUE (true at the time, but papers never filed)
2006 - Charlotte/America's Got Talent - TRUE (nothing will ever beat this entry)
2007 - Still married - TRUE (every word of that entry is true, even the Wii)
2008 - Donna pregnant - FALSE (to which we both can honestly say - WHEW)
2009 - 4-Square reality show - TRUE (too obvious a "joke" NOT to be true)


Unfortunately this year - nearly all of you were complete pussies. No one was willing to put their neck out there and guess after the last entry. The few that did however - all said false. The only people that "got it" were just people that had completely forgotten it was April Fools Day to begin with. So I guess I can say "awesome 100%" ... but since so damn many of you were like "I don't know..." it was nowhere near as fun. But enough about that - and onto the announcement of this reality show:
So this is happening and so far these are the points I'm fairly certain of:
1) 12 players - actually casting the parts for a better story.
2) 10 quick webisodes, 5 minutes each, for a period of 10 weeks this summer.
3) Men and women competing equally allowing for more interesting subplots.
4) All the reality show staples with weekly immunity and fucking your friends throughout.
5) And of course, duh - 4-Square.
...and damnit I still have yet to play an actual game!!! Was able to pull off 3-Square this weekend and it was actually enough to remember just how addictive, frustrating and intense this game can be. Throw in scoring? Whole different level. With scoring it's a constant game of "Target the leader" even if he isn't in 'A' at the moment. It really gets complicated and quite intense.
As well, I'm contacting Atom Films and some other sites I know of that are willing to pay for content as this quick format and high production value just might work. The nostalgia involved with the game is really up there as well and the pure audacity of it is perfect. However, it's all gonna come down to the casting. Plain and simple. The participants will make or break this because the truth of the matter - no one wants to watch a bunch of people play 4-Square. Period. I need to hit every age/race/sex demographic possible and abso-tively need to have a real-life couple somewhere within this.
Still think I'm crazy? Well, kinda. You'll all understand where this "need" came from at the end of June as well as several other side-stories to The Journey that are going to "need" to litter the next several months. This need to create sub-plots however... it's the mother of invention and the reason this site is integral to "making it" out here. It absolutely forces me to push my limits of what I can do in an effort to keep the story interesting. And since I'm not feeling the whole "let's get married and divorced" subplots at the moment... I thought this would do.
So welcome to April. Very funny video for the next entry.