12:01 AM, Wenesday, April 1st, 2009:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
Laugh now. Call me a nerd now. Because this summer, you will get hooked. You will want to see who gets knocked out each week. You will grow to know each player's personality. You will be buying chalk and making your own court.
...I hope. :-)
My love affair with 4-Square started 20 years ago at Clintonville Academy. The game itself wasn't necessarily better than football or basketball, no what made it so intense was that 10 kids or more would be lined up to play. So getting knocked out didn't just mean going back to "D"... but going to the end of the line and having to wait 10 rounds just to play again. So it made the actual time that you were in... freaking INTENSE. And I find it entirely fitting that my principal, Sally Lindsay, just joined The Journey Group and this is the first entry she's receiving. Free-Fifteens made this possible Mrs. Lindsay. Man, remember when Mrs. White would let us save those up? I remember getting away with a Free-Hour one time and pretty much thinking it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. And my mother paid for this. Ha.
"What'd you do today Adam?"
Love it.
So this is really happening...
...or is it? You didn't get this far without reading the date did you? Not for the tenth year in a row... No. Oh that's right, so many of you are newcomers to my dastardly little Journey. Where I toy with the emotions of the readers whom I'm painstakingly honest with all year and revel in one day where I can lie through my teeth.
However, recent years have proven even more difficult to spot since one year I pulled a fast one on everyone who thought they were ready THIS time... and told the truth - so when they all responded with "You didn't get me this time!!!" I was able to reply with: "Yes I did! Ha!".
So now it's your call: true or false? Feel free to peruse the previous first entries of April and see what ridiculous lengths I've gone to to make it legit. Then show some balls/ovum and write me a note on Facebook or on the YouTube link telling me if you think there's really going to be a reality show or if I'm just obsessive enough to put this video together to screw with all of you.
This is my favorite day of the year. :-)