9:03 PM, Saturday, March 28th, 2009:
I'm not the most honest person in the world as much as I try to be. If there's a bank error in my favor, they can go fuck themselves. If I find something of value on the street with no one around - it makes up for all the shit I've lost and I have no prolem taking it. However there is one thing I have never, and will never do: litter. And it's not even that I'm a neat freak and that everything has it's place (as I look at CeBe layin on my bath towel on my floor)... it's just rude. It's arrogant, lazy and a window into your integrity. I know that sounds extreme - but there's somethng about it that clearly have an issue with. Which brings us to Journey Mountain:

Unfortunately, Journey Mountain has become so littered with broken beer bottles I knew it was a matter of time before CeBe really cut herself. There are trash cans at the bottom, but obviously no one can be expected to climb to the top where I shit you not, it's covered. Tiny shards of glass everywhere. It was to the point where it would take a team of people months to actually clean it, and it was just never gonna happen.

I sat with that for awhle. And one night as I was about to fall asleep (I swear some of my best ideas are right as I'm drifting off because my mind relaxes) I thought of the Up & Adam open...
No one in their right mind would expect one guy to do this "open". Add in the fact that he's already writing, acting all 5 parts, producing, and editing the weekly Egos show and this would have to be finished DURING that time. It's something a team of people do and it costs thousands upon thousands and takes quite awhile.
So if I didn't use that excuse for Up & Adam, or The Journey as a whole? How could I possibly use that excuse for Journey Mountain? It's another impossible task that no one would expect to be done by one person.
So I got to work. :-)

Yesterday CeBe and I were on the road by 9AM to start what has to be considered one of the more naive things I've ever attempted. I just couldn't stop thikning of the mountain being symbolic for the entire Journey and how when you look at it that way it seems completely feasible to pick up millions of tiny pieces of glass, one by one, ad infinitum until it was clean.

If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
Three hours later, in the baking sun, I have to admit - I was a bit daunted by what a physical feat this actually is. The problem lies in what you do once you've actually filled a bag with shards of glass (which takes quite awhile). It weighs roughly 20 pounds and has shards of broken glass sticking out the sides. Ahem:
Owe. Damn. I left one bag behind and spent the following hour filling the 2nd and realized I had to take both bags down the entire mountain if I was to continue. I proceeded to hold both bags up to my side, trying desperatly to keep them from touching my legs... and WALK down this thing. Laughably strenuous. Talk about a workout. My shoulders hurt so bad right now I can barely type this shit. But 2 bags down, I continued all the way back up that fucker almost "out-of-body" wondering what the hell I was thinking.

CeBe was of course right by my side and I have to say, by the 3rd bag I made a noticeable dent. People were walking past me actually thanking me for doing it. That was dubfounding to me. I was still in "Adam & The Egos" mode where you pulll off weekly miracles to absolute silence from the bosses. So this is what appreciation feels like. I could get used to this. :-)

...'cept - I'm pretty sure that's a black widow. Right? Like, it is isn't it. I... I'm stupid as hell for touching it and getting this close. Looks pretty good for a video still though. Technology makes me hard. Seriously, viagra - schmiagra. Moore's law will keep me going until I'm 80.
<shakes head> Nerdiest. Sentence. Ever.
Alas, 60 pounds of glass was my limit as my legs were starting to give out and a 4th hour just seemed too dangerous. Right Adam, like the black widow and bloody legs didn't make that abundantly clear. I'll be back next weekend and I bet by early summer I'll be done. I also really believe that litter begets more litter and that even the assholes who litter tend to think twice when it's a clean space. Time will tell.
God I just adore this place. I'm not exagerrating when I say that if not for the ability to be 20 minutes from this I don't know if I'd still be in LA. It's as peaceful a place as I've ever known... and soon it will be litter free.
Goodbye March.
PS - wow, I began and ended this month here. Weird.