12:15 AM, Friday, March 6th, 2009:
I desperately miss the comraderie of The Egos shoots. I miss Tyson, Hunter, Simon, Jim, Kenny, Les... I loved just hangin' out and working on a common goal. I loved trying to get through it really fast so we could go to Dupar's for pancakes on CBS' dime. It was fun.
Funny how it doesn't matter what you're doing, the same feelings come through. Common goal and only "technically" working? Fun. I guess it's why they make videogames out of it:  playing music with others is fun. 'Nuff said.
So I thought I'd show a clip of the practice a couple of days ago for Saturday's gig at the Key Club:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter) click the "HD" button (you may need to let it load).

Amazingly I'm doing this with only one practice. Ridiculous for a practice freak like me... but there's just no time.

As many of you can imagine however, this is not just a little gig for me. If you catch me at a time when I'm spinning and trying to find some sort of direction - and then throw this in my lap? I'm gonna be hard pressed not to start reconsidering a few things.
I mean, it's no secret. The 200 Journey songs will tell you what's in my heart - it isn't a jump to think I would try and put a band together and perform. My biggest problem with that? Limiting. It's a part of me, it is not all of me. It was at 18... and then WTVN showed me I could do just about anything my imagination could come up with. Then throw in 4tvs, The Egos? Jesus, the sky is the limit - and all I want to do is push those limits. So the thought of putting an inordinate amount of effort into the music industry right now is tough...
...but it's so, goddamn, fun. It's so completely natural for me. And I wasn't kidding when I said that this guy is good enough to make me re-think some things. Incredibly talented, incredibly creative, great sound/voice... everything. I don't trust a lot of people's instincts that I've met when it comes to songwriting - but I trust his, and it's different enough that the music lover in me wants to see what we'd come up with together. Once caveat though...
...how do I say this without being mean - TO ME? Uhm. Adam Darling IS a solo act. The man is TALL, STACKED, and is absolutely the spotlight onstage. I pride myself at being able to look at things from an unbiased perspective and if I'm Adam's manager? He fronts the gig. He doesn't share the spotlight. And even if we were to do a side-gig together, I'm not sure I can "see" it. Like, we feel like 2 solo acts. You know?

I mean, we totally get along, have mutual respect for each other and have the same musical leanings but I just feel like collaboration/duo situations have to have a bit more equality to the energy of it. Or else, why even do it you know? Who wants to be Oates? I'm not fuckin' Oates. He's not fuckin' Oates. But Hall & Hall would've sucked ass.


All that said, I'm still having a blast and am certainly glad I did this and can't wait for the gig tomorrow. Time will tell if things turn into more after that. I know I certainly don't want to just play the background in a band without ever singing or playing any of my music. Happy to help, but I have to use my time better than that no matter how fun it is. If it ain't helpin' the career and it's not paying my bills? It's gonna be back-burner.

"I'm not fuckin' Oates. He's not fuckin' Oates. But Hall & Hall would've sucked ass." That made me smile. :-) Christ I just quoted 7 sentences ago. That has to break some sort of quoting rule or something. Anyway I'll try to get some good footage of the show for an entry on Sunday, but it may be tough. And of course - anyone in LA, we're opening for Marcy Playground, we go on at 10:15 Saturday night and it's only $15. And I'm not playing "networking pimp" when I say the songs are really, really good. You will be pleasantly surprsied.