12:31 AM, Saturday, February 28th, 2009:
At the end of 2003, Ron Garis, famous publicist, was kind enough to speak to me for $175 (that friends actually paid for me - so sweet of them) and said without a clean version of the show - I was fucked for anything mainstream. Heh, obviously he didn't exactly say it like that. I knew that before of course and decided to go with an idea I had all along to round out the trilogy. It was a 3 part series I did with The Boyles on WTVN after a dirty episode that made the grandmothers complain... and now with Garis's expensive advice I figured, why the hell not. I'm not doin' anything else.
Around the same time, one of Jessica's friends had moved to LA and was working on the new talent search. I knew that not only did I need to make a clean show, I needed to come up with some vignettes that I could do if I were to ever perform on TV. Now if I actually was on a specific show I'd probably need to make new ones "on-the-fly" with wigs, what-not... but for now all that mattered was that I had something.
That something changed the entire course of The Journey 2 years later... but I'm slightly ahead of myself. First up was T3 and how to do a clean Trinitrons show. I was not going to change these characters magically overnight. These are adult characters that would never say "gosh darn". I knew I would end up "censoring" them ala The Boyles several years previous, but couldn't think of how to make it all tie together. Then, it happened:
Be sure to click the boob in question for a close-up.

And the world went crazy. Every radio show, TV show - censor, censor, censor. All because of CBS and "the boob". With that moment, the script fell together and T3 was born.

However, it was not a live show. Period. T3 is a short-film stuck on a stage. I so badly wanted to make a film here there's almost no need for Live Adam to be in it. It's wall-to-wall production all the way down to having a moving camera for the DVD release. In my mind, I was just past the 4tvs concept and wanted to do more with it.
I was also enamored with the idea of having other people in the TVs. It was taboo to even imagine it and what a ball casting and directing it. And I just have to say - is this not the most GALACTIC case of foreshadowing in the world? Gary calls Cameron "CBS" for his censorship technology and then the Price is Right remix is the background music for the Trinitron audition Ad? Are you FREAKING kidding? A full two years before... I mean, really? I try to wrap my head around that and I simply cannot. Journey magic lives.
By far however, the end of this show is my favorite part of all 3 shows. It is an absolutely magic moment to me. I hate to give it up even for those just watching it now so I'll write it in black. Highlight it after you watch this box. The perfect ending to 3 shows of Live Adam acting like a dick is most certainly Cameron coming out and stuffing Adam in his TV. But pulling it off proved more than difficult. Back then, Cameron was the full goatee and Adam was just the goat. But the crowd reaction was just perfect. What an awesome surprise.
Oh, the button is really funny now. Nothing like poking fun of your marriage count in 2004 freaking 2 months after you announce the split from Jess (and it's quite the knee slapper now too). <rolling eyes> I've always had a sense of humor, but I know friends and family had a hard time joining that laugh train. TOO SOON brother. Fun ending, fun show... and my cousins could see it. Good times.
The animated sit-com open was the next step up from "Lock The Taskbar" and was really the pre-cursor to attempting "Let's Bomb Iran" a couple years later. This was by all means a technical feat that pushed every limit I had. However, as I stated before - it was clear this was not a 4tvs show and I was ready to make a short-film.
Later in 2004 I made enough money as a loan officer to make me seriously consider funding my own pilot with all the skills I had gathered but lack of management and direction kept that from happening.
I really thought I had seen the last of 4tvs and The Egos. In Entry #433 I wrote "Erasing my Babies" about selling my Grand Piano and tearing down 4tvs permanently. However there's one thing I did on the DVD that changed my entire life...
...the 2 minute, clean, Trinitrons Demo bit. The next year when CBS needed video entries for "Living Room Live" - guess who already had the video done. :-) That foresight 2 years before completely changed the course of my life. Talk about stars aligining... I did the "bit" in my living room - and then in post made it look like it was on stage for the DVD. All I had to do for CBS was upload the original video without the post-production overlay...
...and the next thing you know, I'm doing The Trinitrons (which became the Egos for copyright purposes) every week on CBS' The Early Show. Crazy, crazy, crazy world.
These three shows stand alone as some of my proudest achievements in the first decade of The Journey and I'm so glad to finally be able to share them. I tend to be the worst salesman ever (uhm, giving away the product when you have unsold DVDs) but I just don't care. I will always be an artist first and it's far more important to me to be seen than sold...
...but, I do have some DVDs if anyone's interested.