5:42 PM, Friday, February 27th, 2009:
The show that was absolutely never supposed to happen. There was no need for it, wasn't gonna help my career, couldn't stand alone without the first one which meant I had to do a full hour - it was completely unnecessary...
...that is if The Journey was only about "making it". It's about survival and I needed to do this show simply to breathe again. This show healed me and kept me going - and it all came from a rather "Pat Riley" moment in Columbus the year before.
"I will be back next year to premiere the sequel."
Gulp. After a year of acute depression in 2002 I decided to release a DVD of "The Trintitrons" and have a party/show in Columbus. I did two shows and it was so well received that I just kinda blurted it out. Then I turned off the TVs and thought "...fuck." Because as I said, it just could not help my career any more than "The Trinitrons" and I certainly wasn't making money off of it. But I needed to feel it again. I needed to feel that Columbus crowd of friends and family support the show and I simply did not care about my career. I did it for me. For the absolute joy of doing it.
There are so many little things about this show I just love. The live fast-forward makes me grin ear-to-ear and the set-up to Spencer's "I was thinking of you!" line was so effortless. This was such a joy to write, perform and watch for me because I truly love these characters as completely seperate entities.
The meat of this show is decidedly dirtier than the first one and I have to admit it's a bit "wincing" for me watching now. It was completely true to the characters though, and I held no punches. I love that I even attempted "Sleep, Baby Sleep" in a show like this and of course "Lock The Taskbar" worked perfectly. I really branched out this time visually and it was a huge challenge.
The ending of course is 100% inside and if you don't know "Jesus Christ Superstar" completely meaningless. If this was a show for my career, this would never have seen the light of day. I personally, love how it all comes together - the morph to the outside shots and then ending with the "classy" bit? Incredibly fun and creative show for me. It was such a "bar raiser" in terms of what I could pull off and it was so nice to not have to worry specifically about what the industry would think.
It was received well, but of course - I only performed it what, 4 times? It had no place for me career-wise whatsoever. I made the 2nd DVD (as intricate as humanly possible)... I mean just look at the covers of the 2 discs:
I killed myself to make these as professional as humanly possible. I gave a few to potential managers and a publicist in 2003 and was so disheartened by the reactions it just stunted me. "I don't manage stand-ups." It's like, really? You don't see this as a bit more than a stand-up routine? (sigh). I had no idea what to do with these DVDs, but I always kill myself to make top-notch shit, so I was glad the people that did buy them ('round 35 a piece) enjoyed that.
More than anything this was the beginning of that fire inside me where I was able to look at the material and unabashedly say: "This is wayyyyy too good to not be seen". I mean, I had that with T1, but the stuff with Charlotte erased my self-worth to an extreme degree. I would often watch these 2 shows back to back and just shake my head - it was so overwhelmingly clear to me that this concept, these characters, and my ability to do every single facet HAD A PLACE. I just had to keep "falling up the stairs" and I would find that place...

...and incredibly - the next show's DVD is what made everything else possible a couple years later. It's incredible story how everything played a part...