6:26 PM, Thursday, February 26th, 2009:
"You did The Egos...live?"
<wince>. My very own personal Paul McCartney moment. You know, that moment I'm sure he's had when someone said:  "You were in a band before Wings?". It's the moment you realize that yesterday, is yesterday. And at least he wrote that.
So it was this comment last year from someone online that made me realize I had to put The Trinitrons online. Not just the clips, but the full show. By the way, a "Trinitron" was a type of Sony TV/monitor, thus, The Trinitrons. Anyway, it stands as one of the most impressive things I've ever accomplished and simply put... I may never reach that level of technical insanity again. You think editing 5 of the same guy on a video clip is hard? Try performing it live. It really takes repeat viewings, even for me now, to realize/remember just how intricate this was.
I've broken it up into 3 parts, and probably should've broken it up into more as individual bits would generate more hits, but the show breaks up into 3 acts so well that the writer in me had to keep them together. I realize, these are not short. This was a live show and absolutely not meant for your computer screen... but it's the closest you're gonna get and works surprisingly well on YouTube.
This opening act will always be my favorite. There are things I like most about each of the live shows over the others, and for T1, this 10 minute un-edited introduction is jaw-dropping to me. When I finally put all the pieces together and watched the 4 screens on my computer - I nearly wet myself. It was magic. These were 4 different people. Everything worked from the colors to the time spent on the hair and eyebrows (strangely, very little make-up) - this first act made me believe anything was possible.
Of course emotionally in terms of the actual show, nothing beats the 2nd act - with the absolute peak being Spencer's song. The venue for this version was actually the premiere and the way the audience dies down JUST in time for the word "cock" to blare out is legendary. I'll never forget how I felt after this show. Absolutely on top of the world.
And the final act wrapping it all up that was unfortunately always missing the "clincher", Bob Saget. Charlotte was sure we'd be able to get him to make the cameo and I wrote and recorded that ending - but alas it was never meant to be. Wow, 6 years later it was another Bob (Barker) messin' up the end of a bit for me. Bobs. Anyway, it's still an OK ending, but Bob singing the Full House song to Adam would've been perfect and most likely would've added that extra piece of credibility for more exposure. It's hard for me to watch this ending and not wonder "what-if".
Adam & The Trinitrons was the biggest thing in the world to me and my first true feeling of "making it" on The Journey. The night that I played the Comedy Store, and absolutely killed, is still one of the greatest nights of my life.
For years it would become the standard-bearer and several times in The Journey I would ponder "Will I ever top the Store?". It would be nearly 5 years until I did. As many of you know the show did not get picked for Aspen and was nearly unbookable because of the 30 minute running-time. Somehow, it's now a footnote but you have to remember, at one time it was everything. In fact - it was more everything than The Egos are now. When it fell through I lost it. I legitimately went over the edge and it took years to recover from that. However that recovery allowed me to sail through losing substantially bigger things later on.
Sad that that's necessary isn't it? Can you imagine telling that to 2002 Adam back then? "Hey, you can get through this... and when you do, it will allow you to get through even BIGGER devastations later!" <shakes head> This business man... it will eat you alive.
So that was "The Egos" live (name changed for copyright reasons before CBS) and there was never supposed to be a sequel. Never. Silly word to utter in Hollywood isn't it...