3:37 PM, Tuesday, February 24th, 2009:
Sweeeeeeeeeet. Another excuse to put off the YouTube entry.
After emailing back and forth sans interpreter I was finally able to find an upload of the video blog piece they did in the Philippines. It's been done for weeks but the woman who did it didn't even know where it was. She kept telling me to search for these key words on the strangest sites. Feel free to watch the entire, insane piece, on this Filipino website but for the love of fuck don't CLICK anything. It's like one giant barrage of ads and you feel "icky" when you're there. It's like going to a brothel without a condom. You're better off just walkin' in, lookin' around and walkin' right back out. Or you could just click my version to the right. :-) Nicely edited, not 11 minutes long, and you don't have to go anywhere...
So first and foremost... goddamn. All that work for 30 seconds. LOL. It took me the entirety of 2 full days to answer all their questions, videotape it, upload it and link them to several other clips. Looking at the whole piece it's very clear they were doing a more local focus on video blogging and just included me as the guy who started it all. So once the shock over how quick it was ended...
I wish I had taped my reaction 'cause I'm sure my head was just shaking back and forth trying to follow the insanity of it. I felt like the Far Side dog cartoon on speed. "Blah AD-DOME CONE-TRASS! Blah Blah Blah THE JOURNEY Blah OHIO Blah CALEE-FORNIEAH".
And man, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when they started with the Entry #1 video. I adore that J-Dog is part of internet history, and that Marty Moose shot it and Jessica is in it. That's exactly how it should be. :-)
And I love the randomness of clips they chose to use. Like, if you're gonna show The Price is Right you clearly use the wheel, or contestant's row... but since they probably don't know the show - Cameron falling is just as good. And then right into "Independent Actions" which I never would've thought of... but looked really cool. The entire 30 seconds is just as surreal as anything I've ever experienced.
More please. That was like shooting heroin. I'd like a little more of that.
And of course the big "Flip4Mac" question. Inevitably when trying to convert a file you find some free software that puts a watermark over the footage and you're like:  "Damn, guess I'll try something else." Not at GMA in the Philippines. LOL. None of the other clips have it and they were all the same format so your guess is as good as mine as to why they left that in there.
And great, the only time I've said 'God' in the entire Journey and it gets broadcast across the world. Of course. Oh, hey - I'm wearing that same outfit right now. Spooky. And yes, it's "Godsend". Be nice.
Anyway, guess what is going into a new demo ASAP? Little by little from wikipedia to this... it's all adding credibility to everything I've done... retrospectively. Strange huh? A newcomer now assumes The Journey lead to everything else when in fact The Journey just chronicled the other stuff. It isn't until the last year or so that any real light has come on this video blog and people just assume that the success in my life had to do with it. In retrospect the past 9 years seems nice and succinct.
And damnit, I knew it. I even said it in these entries during the lean times in 2002, 2003 that at some point in the future - all of this would make sense. Times when I swear only a dozen people ever kept up 'cause it was sooooooooo depressing. I knew it was all for something later. Surely I was just a bit delusional, but when you're doing something that no one else is doing, and several people tell you point blank: "why the fuck are you doing that?", you have no choice but to isolate yourself a bit, be delusional, and have faith. Just hard to believe I did it for so long without any recognition. It's a testament to just how therapeutic it all is. This ends with a book deal people. I can feel it. I already have the title, and I'm sure as hell not posting it here.
Alright, well - thanks life, that was fun. YouTube entry will be up tomorrow followed by 3 very special releases on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.