EDITED: 10:07 AM, Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022:
It has come to my attetion that family members of the actor that played the clown in this video feel like I'm calling HIM a pedophile and wish to sue me. As much as I'd welcome a frivolous lawsuit simply for the content, he actually contacted me to find a way to make this die down, so at his request, I've taken his name out of this entry.
To be clear, it's heartbreaking to do this because I love that dude and was so excited to act with him on this day nearly 40 years ago. He was in my father's band when I was growing up and he was just the funniest dude ever and spoke to me like I was an adult which I've never forgotten. As is EXTREMELY clear in this entry, it was the premise of the college student's video that 25 years later I found humorously creepy, not the ACTORS WITHIN SAID VIDEO.
It is also the first video of me, ever. And I always thought it was cool that my dad and his bandmate were also in it with me... so it is insane to me to not NAME THE DUDE, but I more than anyone understand that keeping peace within the family sometimes trumps the truth.
But again, to Mr. Clown, it was nice talking to you again after nearly 40 years and hopefully this keeps us in touch. Would be funny to re-enact this video in 2024 for the 40th anniversary, no?
3:37 PM, Sunday, February 22nd, 2009:
I just want to see the treatment. Seriously. I want to see what this college kid could have possibly written down that would have made this seem at all acceptable. 'Cause all I can gather 25 years later is:
Little boy with balloons gets chased by large clown while father plays keyboards and doesn't help.
That's not cool man. What teacher approved that?
So yes, 25 years ago (late February '84, but no exact date known) during a weekend visitation with my dad, I appeared in a college music video made by Chris Achberger. It's actually the earliest footage of me or my father. Amazing huh? It is so overwhelmingly mid-80s you can't look away. It is a train-wreck of a video that screams "HOLY SHIT we don't have to worry about expensive film!". To those too young to remember the early 80s, that was really the spectacular thing about video: Cheap, reuseable and instant. That's why all music videos in the 80s were so goddamned incoherrent... no need for complicated scripts - just shoot EVERYTHING you can think of! Then throw it together any way you like! Art! And it's in color!
Thankfully saving any future therapy sessions, I actually knew the guy playing the clown as he was the drummer in my father's band, and he was an incredibly funny guy. I remember specifically getting to drive with him to this shoot in a volkswagon bug and us talking about it. He was one of those guys that had no trouble talking to an 8 year old on their level. Then again, when you're a pedophile clown that's probably your M.O.
The really trippy thing about this video, is my father is exactly my current age in it. This was also during a 3-4 year period where he lost a tremendous amount of weight, so we look even more similar. If I grew a beard and somehow found pants that went up that high (jesus christ) we'd be nearly identical.
The song in the video was his original piece called "Being Cool". And there's no doubting that with his attire. :-) Holy shit this just occured to me. My dad is freaking "Live Adam". LMAO. !!!! That's totally the all black monochrome look! For those who never understood that about The Egos, let me explain. When we performed the 4tvs show, "Live Adam" was obviously the guy not in the TVs - and was just as much a character as the other guys. I kept that going during the CBS shows so I could put a future sit-com pitch together, thus I even wore the "all-black" when being interviewed live on CBS 'cause it all ties together. But holy shit man - look at my dad rockin' the monochrome in 1984. HAHAHAHA. Seriously:
That's craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. So awesome.
You know, I just watched the whole thing again... and you're not gonna tell me this director wasn't fucked up. The "Ooooh I'm following you little boy!" shot? Seriously - if anyone were to "remix" this video with some creepy music? It would be terrifying. Hell I may have to do that myself.
And the upside down shot? Fuck having nightmares as a kid, this shit is gonna keep me up NOW.
Alright, I have to get back to work on the big YouTube project I mentioned in the last entry. I was gonna have it done today but got a little side-tracked in nostalgia-land. I am now officially focusing the rest of my day to it and should have it ready tomorrow. It's a gargantuan task, but one that is absolutely necessary as I start the media push for the big "10 Year Anniversary" of The Journey coming up on January 2nd. May seem a long ways away to you, but so did 2009.