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7:10 PM, Thursday, February 19th, 2009:
1) Mom's Birthday Random.
Spooky Journey timing - I go to write this random about my mom... and it's her birthday. Cool. So my mom left me the funniest voicemail I've heard from her in years. Totally bummed I erased it. I'll paraphrase:
"Hello it's your mother. I was hired full-time and am making way less than I should so I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. Call me if you can... unless of course you're having that same identity crisis in which case, if you could just deal with yours before you call me that'd be great. Thanks. Bye. Love you."
HAHAHA. It was so dry and matter-of-fact... and totally spot-on because I am clearly having the same issue. So I didn't call her back for a week. LOL. My mother is more twisted than she'll ever admit to. You knew it had to come from somewhere.
2) Bullshit Bale-out.
To the fanboys defending Christian Bale, all I can say is - there's no way you've been on a set or part of a crew. Blowing up, yes. A bunch of FUCKS, yes. But humiliating someone - repeatedly for 4 minutes because he messed up a take by doing his job? Nope.
There is no defense for that and there's no way that's the first time that shit happened. That's a personality trait sort of thing. That's thinking you're above the people around you and the thing is, it goes even further than that. I mean a dick move would be going to the director and getting the guy fired for something like that. Humiliating the guy in front of the rest of the crew and threatening him physically? I mean, did he ruin your subtle moment in the TERMINATOR? Was it your rape scene? CHRIST. Anyway, amazing piece of audio, a wonderful piece of movie history to have been caught... and fodder for a Journey Video.
3) Jon-less.
Oh, I guess I need to explain who the hell I'm talking to in that video. LOL. So I have a roomate now. Just realizing I never mentioned that before. I think it was because it was so temporary (only 8 weeks) but now it seems it'll go a little longer 'cause he digs LA and may be staying for good. Strangely, I mentioned Jon before 'cause he's the brother of the guy I did some Real-Estate videos for. I stayed with him in Atlanta during the seminar (they played the Veronica trick on him) and he's renting out the guest house (that doesn't have a bathroom, so we share that, thus the title of this random). I bring it up in randoms because... well there's not a whole lot to say about it - but it does kinda change the dynamic of things out here. I look at The Journey as a book of sorts and well, there's a new character - has been since January 1. Very cool guy, spends a lot of time with his girlfriend out here down in Torrence and we don't see each other too often.
4) Trashpicker Jackpot.
Ahhh NOW I can tell this story. So I've been saving my cans and bottles for - I don't know 3 years? I somehow have 2 big bins for recycling - both completely filled, with roughly $50 worth in each. Just a matter of throwing them in my trailer and going to the recycle place. Guess who decided to put it out front for the trash?
(sigh) 3 years people. Saving it for 3 years. LOL. I mean, he was trying to be the cool roomate and help take out the trash, but in my mind I'm thinking "Clearly he had to know that wasn't a WEEK'S WORTH of bottles/cans." SOOOOOOO frustrated. However there is a silver lining... it never made it to the trash. In LA, your recyclables rarely actually get to the truck because people rummage for cans/bottles so THEY can make the bucks. Well can you imagine the look on the person' face when they opened up this fucking TREASURE CHEST of cans/bottles? Oh there was no trash to rummage through - it was a gift from tha muthafuckin GODS. I would give anything to have seen the smile/excitement on the face of whomever was lucky enough to open that bin. Like, that's gotta a story you tell your grandkids. I bet they bought the BIG bottle of whiskey THAT night.
LMAO. Anyway, I'm considering setting up a camera and giving away the second bin as well - just for the journey video. :-)
5) Stimusucks.
What a cluster-fuck that stimulus bill is huh? The Libertarian in me has been wincing like crazy the past couple of weeks but I know we're in such dire straits that something has to be done. Obama is completely cornered because he didn't have the time to put it together himself. The Republicans want it to fail, the Democrats want to put in as many bullshit things in as they can - and pragmatism is impossible on a conveyor belt heading towards a depression. He had to rely on the rest of the government too much and the end result is a pretty flawed bill that probably won't change the decline we're in. And seriously, some of the Republicans were so fucking near-sighted on how to play this. If each of them had lobbied for ONE change to the bill, in return for their vote? They could've cut soooooooooo much pork out of it and passed a bi-partisan bill. That's how you COMPROMISE so the bill is closer to what you want. Instead only 2 or 3 of them did that, and the rest just smiled and said "no". Like freaking high school.
6) Taxing Picks.
As was his lack of proper vetting for his cabinet picks. No excuse. None. I mean, it's great for him to get on TV and say straight-up "Hey, I screwed up" but it's shit like this that undercuts his sense of competence. The silver-lining in all of this is that every single time Obama is on TV, you can't help but think he IS competent and is doing everything in his power to make this shit work. That press conference last week was stunning. Maybe I'm still drinking the kool-aid but his intelligence and ability to show you his thought process is... well it's exactly what you'd expect from a professor. All I can hope is that he properly bitch-slapped whomever heads his "vetting process". And in the grand scheme of things, there are bigger issues at hand...
7) CB-No.
Oh, btw - CBS is done. Maybe I didn't mention that? What a bad little story-teller I am. They ended up doing the family-band thing with no internet counter-part and really... a very strange bit where they fly the 5 finalists out FIRST, then eliminate them over the following weeks (flying them all out weekly). Far less bang for your buck than the 27 people we were able to spotlight, and only flying one person/group out. But whateva. I'm still in touch with the people I know there as well as Friedman and you just can't be too frustrated with CBS after they ignored Crooked X. LOL. I mean, the band played Kimmel, had their reality show on MTV and even mention The Early Show for discovering them in their OWN press release - and the powers-that-be never do the follow-up story. <shakes head>. It just doesn't get more common-sense than that people. Ya just gotta move on.
8) Generate Hell-Yay.
Have two big meetings tomorrow and the next day with management/production companies that I'm very very excited about. As I mentioned before - the response to my reel is so incredibly overwhelming - I know I'm very close to the right fit. The nice part about these meetings is that they were the product of brainstorming from another manager and Laura after we met. There's a lot of good heads coming together on this - and I know I'm going to find a home soon. There's just far too much content to be ignored...
9) No tube for YOU.
...unless you're YouTube. OMG you guys are gonna love this. I filled out the application to be a partner with YouTube (not really knowing what it means other than it's good). Here's what they said in the rejection letter:
"Unfortunately we are unable to accept your application at this time. Your account does not contain sufficient original new content that represents the uniqueness of our community."
HAHAHAHAHA. I realize this is just a form letter but jeeeeeeeeeeeezus. I told Paddy it's like him being rejected from an Irish club because his name (Padraic) isn't Irish sounding enough. I mean 800 videos? 150+ original songs? 25+ original egos episodes? 100+ show clips from easily the most unique one-man show ever? I mean even if you think 4tvs is fuck-awful you can't really say it isn't UNIQUE. LMAO. I don't really care at the moment (more concerned with getting everything up on YouTube and ready for a bigger audience - that entry is next), but if you're gonna send out a form letter - at least have something better than that. Heh, sufficient original new content. I love that.
10) Avoiding the Stryker.
I never ended up having to testify in the Peyton/Kulak case. Kinda relieved actually as they did a piece in the LA Weekly about it and there's no other way to read this: it's like the beginning of a Dateline NBC murder story. It just doesn't look like it can ever be resolved peacefully and I'm glad to not be a part of it now. I guess they settled out of court? There's very little information - Paul keeps saying the details are still being worked out. Christ I hope they really are. This has been going on for nearly a decade now and at some point a moderator has to be able to come in and find a common path. I'll let ya know...
11) Poison Ivy.
Thank you for your lovely comments/emails about the last "How to Hurt Me" entry. I do feel the need to reiterate to a few of you that I'm not angry that she couldn't be friends. I don't expect that of everyone I'm ever with (just because it seems to end up like that) I simply expected one or two sentences of courtesy "Hey, I can't remain in contact, too hard." It's the lack of that that baffles me. Especially considering the amount of things I did after we were "friends" (which was clearly understood and communicated by me - even on the site in October). I knew she wanted to be more, that was the entire point of that entry/song. I was sad I couldn't jump. Hell, I still I can't. But at no time did I ever say I could. Regardless, just had to reiterate that it was NOT her inability to stay in contact that I was upset about at all. I understand that I am VERY strange when it comes to my ability to compartmentalize after my heart is shattered and I absolutely do not expect other people to process the same way. However not letting me know you're OK after a plane crash is insane. And I will chastise the fuck out of you for that. :-) Enjoy the karma camera.
12) The Terynator.
So a friend of one of my bosses has become a pretty good friend. We actually met when I did a voice-over for the company, as she was doing one too... and she has since become such a rabid supporter she bares mention. Teryn saw my demo and almost slapped me in the face for not having made it yet. HAHAHAHA. As crazy as it sounds? That's exactly what we all need from time to time. It's not so much the attention or praise as it is the awareness that it's special. It can be hard to look at your stuff unbiasedly and every once and awhile you need someone else, especially those who have been in the industry awhile, to go "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST MAN". It's the line Billy Joel wrote so poignantly (you know, back in the days when he wrote fucking music?): "...and put bread in my jar and say 'man, what are you doing here?'". He put that in there for a reason. Those are the moments that stick out. Those are the moments that keep you going. So Teryn has been on a tear to help me out and believes her nephew's connection with a really big actor could help. She's determined to have us meet so I can show him the demo... and I couldn't be more thankful. Time will tell...
13) FM TALK-Why?
However, time has already told for the only FM Talk station I had ever listened to. And what it told was: "We don't care if you're all #1, the recession says spin records." (...or I guess program files now). Yes, as a sign of just how bad the economy has gotten - the #1 station in LA (seriously, all 3 major shows were #1 in the key demographics) had to switch formats to compete because advertising revenue has been slashed so much that they can't afford the talent. I've been around radio, nearly my whole life, and this is crazy. Even crazier? Everyone got last shows! Another thing I've just never heard of (or seen in this case because the whole day today was webcast). Watching the last shows today was just spooky. I spent so many years in those studios and felt such a connection to the hosts as they emotionally went through the end of their careers there. It was one of the more gripping things I've watched in a long time. But goddamn, what a sign of the times. Save your pennies people. When #1 shows/formats are fading because advertising can't even afford discounted time... we, are, hurting.
PS - seriously check out the HD version of these videos by clicking that feedback button down there. It's extraordinary how good it looks if your computer is fast enough to not stutter...