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12:02 AM, Friday, January 23rd, 2009:
<somewhere over California...maybe>
Something magical about mid-flight entries. This is my 4th in the last 3 months and I love the fact that I'm technically nowhere. Yeah, that sounds about right for Mr. Journey. :-)
The numbers guy in me had to make this a 5 Part DC series. And looking back on all the Journey videos that chronicled this unbelieveable campaign as I touch down in LA seemed perfect. Here's hoping I get a good "landing" shot at night to edit it all together with. I gotta say I'm still so freaking proud that in late February 2007 I had the wherewithall to have Gary say "Barack Obamalakim" in that old Egos episode. Makes me look all prophetic and shit. Truth be told I just thought it was funny, and never in a million years thought 2 years later I'd be flying back from the man's inauguration.
12:49 AM
<sitting outside LAX waiting for the Fly Away Shuttle>
The man's inauguration. When will it ever seem real? You know what's really surreal? Sitting on a flight with a black woman, an asian woman - both a few years older than me and being completely in agreement on damn near every single thing. Granted we were ALL there (seriously, no matter what you were doing in DC or at an aiport you were one of the 2 million), but still crossing over generational lines, racial lines, gender lines? And the greatest thing? We all want to help. We're all talking about ways to do more community service, ways to give back more - ways to help everyone. The feeling is just unprecedented...
...though is it really? I can only point to Roosevelt for a leader that seemed so beloved by the people during such a difficult time... that actually inspired people to come together and help one another. Granted, we were all the crazies that actually trekked out here so we're gonna be exagerrated but the more he speaks to the country as a whole and calls for action... it really does move people. We're all gonna have to chip in and help to get things moving again.
But why am I surprised really. Isn't this what Colin Powell said when he called Obama transformational? He didn't just mean his skin color, he meant that as a leader he could change the entire country. Like I said a few entries back I believe we will think of the timeline of this country as before and after Obama. It's really the first time you can unequivocally say that the common-denominator, white redneck, racist mentality became the minority. They can never be the majority again, no matter how hard they try. They are dying off and the minorities simply have babies faster.
LMFAO. HAHAHAHA. Too soon for a racial joke? Oh come on, that shit is funny. Alright, but I'm not erasing it. My twisted mine thought of it. LOL.
I've ruined the entire crux of this "essay" by making a racial joke. LOL. I love that. But I have to say something about that - it feels like it's different for my generation. I notice my friends and I try to come up with the most tasteless shit... because it's archaic. THAT's the funny part. You know? Like our generation simply didn't believe in that kind of racism, so there's an audacity to it and that in itself is funny. I don't have any racist friends (in California - lol). It isn't even a possibility with my friends - so when we think of goofy racial jokes we use redneck voices...to make fun of the rednecks. Weird huh? I know I'm not alone with this, but it's really an interesting anthropological type of shift. 'Cause my kids will probably never even think of them and would be shocked that anyone ever thought that. My generation seems to be stuck in the middle where we grew up hearing them, but didn't believe in it... but we still know 'em. <----rambling.
1:41 AM (going on 5AM EST - goddamn I want my bed)
<on the Fly Away Shuttle praying we get home already>
Can you tell I just don't want the series to end? I figure I'll jump in throughout the day as I put together the video. The landing footage worked out great. So I met a black woman at the airport in Dulles who's doing a show where she plays Billie Holiday - she saw some of my work on my laptop - wants to hire me to do some video work for her. Got to talking, we live close by and I have a ride home. SEE. Obama. LOL. Seriously - it's gonna be like a brotherhood/sisterhood thing in the decades to come. Those who were there. 'Cause we ALLL suffered to make this Journey. The common stories of frozen feet. The incredible stories of how people got tickets (you wouldn't believe how many people did the exact same thing as I did... bought a plane ticket without and plans just days ago - and things came together). We're all tired, all can't believe we stoood that long in THAT temperature (especially those of us from LA) and we all feel like no one else can imagine what it was like unless they were there.
11:55 AM
<woke up after far too many dreams>
I have to thank everyone involved who made this happen:
-Linda, you always say that I've inspired you to try and be more open and honest, and in return you've actually made me become MORE adventurous. Besides getting me into so many cool places, even if you weren't...because you keep doing crazy shit, I keep doing crazy shit. We have the least complicated relationship on the planet (basically because we decide to complicate our lives with OTHER people - and then whine to each other about them) and I adore it. India? Did you have to get a job in India? Not even sure why I'd want to swing that - but if you stay long enough I probably will. The Journey will be happy. Go kick ass. And for the love of fuck stop thinking that asshole is gonna change. Fool me once, yadda yadda... you're up to like 6 now. Go eat some curry already.
-Natalie, your one act of generosity made every single picture, video and memory possible. I cannot thank you enough. Hell my DAD can't thank you enough because he keeps asking for high-res versions of my pictures because I got so close. You have no idea how much it meant to me... then again - you probably did. Heh. You actually mentioned "The Journey" at one point when I was thanking you and it may be the first time that this project took on a life of its own and someone wanted to add to that project. 'Cause as the years pass and the memories fade - all that will be left are the pics/entries and videos. The rememberance becomes bigger than the actual event - and you absolutely MADE that rememberance. Good luck to you and Jeff. What's the freshman battle cry? B-A-C-A-R-D-I. Ha.
-Jill, thought I'd forget ya huh?!?! Man it looks like I had a straight up HAREM in DC. The mystery is far more fun, since the truth is far more boring. :-) Thanks for the place to stay on the last night and the ride to Dulles. Had no idea how far out of the way that airport was. I will also never forget you getting the email for the last couple entries, reading one... then halfway going: "I can't express how strange it is to read this sitting next to you". LOL. To longtime readers, Jill is a Journey Player that dates back to 2005. She was "The Wife" during the insanity of Jess & The Vegas Guy. Getting divorced is so damned dramatic. Hell breaking up with someone is so damned dramatic. CHRIST even being OPEN with the opposite sex ends up being dramatic. Ugh, back in my cave to sleep off this cold.
2:47 PM
<watching the Inauguration coverage I DVR'd from CNN HD while editing the video>
Oh my jesus there were a lot of us there. The sweeping camera shots were certainly something I missed being there. How overwhelming. I watched a little last night and have continued today and goddddddddamn... TV did a great job of covering how huge it was. Finally got to see more of the "oath flub" and all I can say is - come on Roberts... you've got like 35 words, and that's your only job. Biden's dude at least read it from a piece of paper. Props to Obama for catching the mistake (though he said it wrong anyway) but good fuck - write it down dude. That's the point, you GET to read it - Obama has to listen to you.
My personal footage is absolutely breathtaking on my 10 foot screen in HD. Breathtaking. I am so glad I held that camera so steady after standing there for so long - because wow. The feeling of "being there" watching his speech from my vantage point is unbelieveable. I cannot wait for my father to come out and see this. It's just incredible.
Anyway, this is a little ridiculous. I'm not sure I've ever tried so hard to keep an entry from ending - but it's time. My video is rendering and they're already talking about Kennedy's seizure. There's no other way to say it: it's over. The video wraps up these 2 years nicely and even I'm a bit Obama'd out. He will never live up to all these expectations but the good thing is, he's already done so much. I'm not sure when I'll really believe that this week even happened, but it will be bittersweet. The awe is half the fun.
And to my grandkids who are finishing these 5 entries decades from now, that's what it felt like.
Now please change my bed pan.
PS - You really need to try and watch the "HD" version on YouTube (click feedback link below) to catch everything.
PPS - That's the only time any part of "Watching History Again" has ever been public...