(If your computer can handle it please click this YouTube link and 'Watch in HD'. It's Incredible.)
4:10 PM, Wednesday, January 21st, 2009:
Hard to believe this is possible in such a short amount of time, but there's so many side stories I had to skip over that I can fill a "Randoms" entry. The first one, by far, being the coolest, most random shit ever...
1) Randobama
So I go down to the White House today and take some video. After I load it into my computer I notice a guy coming out the front door right as I'm filming. I zoom in and holy shit, it looks like Obama. Noticing it's a blue tie I disregarded it because he wore red yesterday - and just now I turned on the TV and sunuvabitch, there he is at the White House with a blue tie. Thankfully the video catches his signature "gate" and even more telling, there's no security credentials on him like a badge or even a laminate. That was Obama...
Again, without seeing the video you could call it iffy (though it is his FREAKING HOUSE), but after watching the video, there's just no doubt. Just one of those random perfect timing thingees. So awesome.
2) The Spot

Walking past The White House I noticed this corner and instantly recognized it as where I stood to watch the march go past 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I just said, wow. I could barely recognize the city anymore. It feels so different than it did 3 1/2 years ago. I jumped up there to recreate the shot...

So cool that you can see the exact same tree shapes without leaves a few years later. Just amazing. You can also see the little bubble he was in to watch the parade... oh that HAS to be a random.
3) Oboredoma
Seriously, how did he do it. How in the fuck did he sit there for what, 4 hours? And watch goddamn MARCHING bands. Marching Bands. No offense to those that took band in high school but holy shit can you imagine after the morning that man had -- having to sit in that bubble for that many hours watching a parade. Maybe it's just my personal distain for parades, but that seemed like cruel and unusual punishment for him. He handled it like a pro, but wow. Just wow. So glad I didn't try and get in line to see that.
4) Sick Ball
Speaking of not seeing things, I ended up not going to the Youth Ball. I just couldn't. My body was sooooooo beat and I really just wanted to finish my entry and get to sleep. I watched him speak there around 10pm on the TV and was actually relieved I didn't go 'cause... I've already been a foot away from him, and to have killed myself to see him say 4 lines and turn Michelle around and leave... Whew. Just was not worth putting my body through any more torture. Even going to the White House today I looked clearly under the weather:
I wonder why your eyes get all glassy when you're sick? Hmmm...
Man, I so wanted to fit this into the last entry, but there really wasn't a place for it.
So needless to say, the crowd was overwhelmingly black. Being used to being the minority living in LA the last 9 years I couldn't have cared less. I was still rubbin' up on anyone near me to stay warm. However there was one white woman in the front of our first position there that was just being... annoying. She would move an inch and then react to someone "touching" her and go CRAZY. Like would SCREAM for the guards to help her and then cry, actually cry - as we all laughed around her. Then a few moments would pass and she'd move to the left a bit, hit someone and make a fucking drama again. Dude behind her finally stops saying "I didn't touch you ma'am" and finally mutters: "Typical white woman". LMAO/ Every black woman around him just lost it. "NO! NOT TODAY! YOU WILL NOT say that shit TODAY!" Oh my God it was funny. Like the swearing in of a black president meant we couldn't make stereotypes anymore. HA. But it was true, everyone was sooooo positive - there was such a feeling of peace and brotherhood between the races that it did seem out of place to hear that comment. Funny considering it was a comment Obama made about his own grandmother. LOL. But this was clearly derrogatory 'cause this woman was just startin' shit. God I'll never forget that moment.
6) Not Understated
Speaking of race. Whew. I wanted desperately to buy something from the Inauguration but I cannot express how little there was to choose from that I would EVER consider wearing. There was nothing subtle about the swag. You just had to step back, be very honest and admit... "Adam, you are too white to wear that hat." LOL. There is a part of this movement that I am simply not a part of. Heh. I'm so giggling during this random. But seriously, some of the shirts they were selling were so "Tupac & Biggie Airbrush" that you could barely believe it was our president on the shirt. I love it actually. To think that kids are going to look up to our president as someone in the same vein of their musical heroes has to make EVERYONE happy. Finally a real role model. It's very, very exciting.
Hahahaha, this kid was awesome:
He was standing in front of The White House just yelling "BARACK OOOOOOBAMA!!!" Like - "Yo Barry! Over here!!!" Heh. I really have to take a breath when this scene sinks in. It's what I talked about a year ago about what his presidency meant. It meant some little black kid would only know of a black president for the majority of his childhood. It's astounding really. Seriously, so many parents don't have to lie now. "You can be anything you want to be..." They can say that shit now... and actually believe it. It realy will take decades to understand this moment.
8) The House is still White
LOL. It's a bad joke as old as time. And being there for his first day, I can assure you - there were no workers with black paint scaling the outside walls. I joke of course... but you do realize that there are people that are scared right now. Scared that this "black" man is going to soil the sanctity of the office. Clearly that means these people felt BUSH didn't do that... it's a fucked up country out there. But they're finally in the minority. Finally.
9) "I Got This..."
Competence. Can you feel that? I was looking ahead to all the issues facing our country and I just kinda shook my head and let it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL go. For the first time I feel like I can stop worrying about all that shit because he's got it. The most competent man to balance everything is in there. He gets it, the people around him get it - and I can now focus on my own shit. How I can help my own community, how I can get back on track in my career and my life and I can rest assured our government is doing the same. It's an amazing feeling. I just heard him speak a few minutes ago and it was just an overwhelming feeling of:  "Concentrate on the funny Adam. Concentrate on what you do brother, he's got this shit." The problems are huge but they're in good hands. All you can hope for.
10) Ageless Smartass
So I'm walking in front of The White House and this guy probably 17, 18 was on the phone goin' apeshit. "Yeah? Yeah? Well I don't know where the FUCK I am. How 'bout that? I have to find out where the FUCK I am". I turned to him and muttered "1600 Pennsylvania Ave.". He was not pleased with me. I laughed and kept walking. In my head I was wondering is it an age thing? Is the younger generation just not sarcastic? In the same way the older generation doesn't seem to get it? Then I come upon a man in his late 60s who is struggling to follow two women (most likely a wife and her friend) and he stops them and goes: "I have a great idea... how 'bout we walk all day TODAY too?? Huh?" They laughed and kept going and I just smiled. I will have a place in 35 years. Ha. Smartass has no age requirement. :-)
Alright - I'm gonna take a nap and figure out how I'm getting to the airport tomorrow night.