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7:29 AM, Monday, January 19th, 2009:
<sitting indian style on the ground waiting at lax to board my flight to Denver>
25 1/2 hours left in that miserable bastard's administration.
Actually, that's the first time that occured to me, this entire week I've been hopeful and excited, but I can't help but be reminded of why it's so important for me to be there. There's just no bigger event or shift in my life and I want to show my support. Simple as that.
I should be pretty beat. I've been fighting a cold (my first in 3 years damnit) and I -- wait, some old dude, 60+, is whistling "sweet child 'o' mine" right now. Christ... I guess he was close to my age when that came out? That was '89 right? Goddamn that messes with my head a bit. Sorry. -- anyway I should be knocked out, but the generosity of an old friend from highschool, Natalie Salser, has gotten me so excited for tomorrow nothing can stop me. Look what I got:
A freaking ticket. I feel like Charlie Bucket right now. Ooh that's the entry title. Heh, how's about this story:
Natalie and her boyfriend had 2 tickets but Nat's a bit scared of crowds. So all week I've been sending her pictures of tear gas, big crowds, death, trampling - trying to get her tickets. LMFAO - I'm so joking I've done none of that. Hahahaha. But I did ask her that she let me know if she decided it was too much. She was unsure but once she got downtown to pick up the tickets on Friday she said it was just so electric and she had to be a part of it. She was gonna go. I completely understood. I was actually happy for her.
Then they gave her 3 tickets instead of 2.
?!!??! And she gave it to me. Holy shit. How, amazing. It's just so nice of her. I pick it up tonight when I get into DC. Oh shit, we're boarding.
<middle seat, yes, I'm that asshole hogging the elbow room to type on his laptop>
Just looking at the ticket it hit me: I did it. I actually did this. Again, I can't express how much I was NOT going to attempt this. And I'm not even really sure what made me just do it. I know the second I start searchin' for flights on hotwire I'm the woman in the shoe store that tried on a pair. She may not buy that pair, but bitch be leavin' with some shoes. LOL. I'm just so freaking excited. I am so thankful for my life at this moment and the choices I've made to create this life I just want everyone to do it. I feel like I have this big secret to happiness and I just really want others --
<look at me all getting orange juice and water instead of diet coke 'cause I'm all mature and shit.>
--heh, want others to do what they think they can't. I've asked a few people why they're not going and they seemingly have legitimate excuses. But... I bet you $1,000,000 that if they went and came back they would think to themselves:  "Jesus, I cannot believe I wasn't going to go...". It always works out like that. Anyway, I'm just excited and have no one to talk to. Bad reason to make you guys listen. :-) More soon.
I kinda wish I had gotten the Diet Coke. LMAO.
<media room at the latina ball, being a nerd and updating my site>
Mr. Party Animal. Some of the more smokin' women I've ever seen dressed to the 9's and I'm in the media room updating The Journey. So I'm at the Latino Innaugural Ball and just ran into Geraldo Rivera. Heh:
The guy is never gonna live the vault down. Not if I have anything to do with it. At 10 years old I was so freaking excited about that event and bought into every second of that hype. Begged my mom to stay up even though within the first couple hours it was clear it was quite a mistake. LOL. She finally made me go to bed and I was CERTAIN there would be something in that bitch. Nothing. Ahh well, he's a badass for keepin' the career goin' 25 years later.
Except for the ridiculous giving away troop locations fiasco a few years back - he's alright I guess. Can't shake the used car salesman feeling though.
This is where I was supposed to meet up with Linda, but she's stuck at the Hip-Hop ball which is far more exciting than this. I'm just stoked about the wifi and ability to plug in here at the media room. I got some food, some Corona (of course) and will stay here until around midnight at which point I put my stuff at Linda's Aunt's house, crash for maybe an hour or two and head back down to start the long wait in the freezing cold. It's in the low 20s with windchill. Thankfully I stole one of the blankets from United and will be pretty wrapped up around my neck and head. Quite the adventure.
Now, before this I took a taxi to Natalie and Jeff's house and man - I'm just so grateful I can't even begin to say it. I certainly do have the Golden Ticket:
It will allow me to be 250,000 people ahead of the unticketed peeps - but even more than that... what a cool thing to frame right? By the way that pic is in the media room in the Hall of the Americas or some shit? I have no idea where I am, I'm spinning. But I just noticed the carving on the chair behind me and it looks cool. :-)
Natalie really could've given this ticket to anyone and she was so sweet to give it to me. it really felt like she just wanted to help support The Journey and give me the best shot at covering it. Just so awesome. Natalie, can't thank you enough. And btw - your apartment is gorgeous. Sky-rise with that view? Whew. You win at life right now. :-) Thank you thank you thank you.
As well to Linda who arranged this ball and now the Youth ball tomorrow night which seems fairly certain to be one Obama will attend. She's such a hard-working producer and just... DOES IT. You know? Like that's the key with being a producer - hustle. And she's always doin' it. Knowing that she was stopping here on her way to India was really the last piece for me to jump 'cause I knew if anyone could pull somethin' off she could.
Alright I'm super-ass tired, but I got the Golden Ticket man. I'm so excited for the next 15 hours I can't even express it! I've never been around this many happy people man. Everyone looks at everyone else and knows EXACTLY why we're trekking around in the freezing cold. History is happening. And it has never been more evident than right now. You won't be one of those people in 20 years that caught onto something that later became a milestone... this is clear. This is right now. And it feels absolutely electric.
 Last entry under the Bush Administration. Wow. Love it.