6:35 PM, Thursday, January 15th, 2009:
Will you all please humor me for an entry and act like you didn't know I was going to do this? 'Cause seriously, I was not going to DC. I had no one to go with and no "in" of any sort. I did have a place nearby to stay, but I just missed a bunch of work with my trip to Columbus, and this would cost me another week of work...
...and then I found a plane ticket for $220 round trip and I freaking hit submit. Barry is costing me a fortune in missed work. The debates and now this? My bank account is wishing McCain had won... at least in the short term. :-)
Obama aside, there is one very personal side to this that longtime readers will certainly understand. The last time I was in DC was in 2005 at the March on Washington right after Katrina protesting the war and the failed administration as a whole. It really, really effected me. I was there for several days and seeing the sites angered me even more. There was this giant stain on our history and everything seemed tarnished. I know you're supposed to respect the office, but how can you do that when the president doesn't?

It occured to me when Obama came along... just how shitty these past 8 years have been. How no one should ever feel that about their country. I pray future generations just read about it in awe and learn the lessons from these years - 'cause it's not a happy thing to protest against your own country. And honestly, I'm not that guy. I'm far too concerned with my own life and career to constantly be involved in the atrocities of the world. I try when I can, but I'm very, very moderate. Katrina, fucked, me, up. And the shit Bush said about it in his last press conference? He thinks people are pissed because he didn't land the plane? Fuck you man. Seriously, I'm as excited watching you stand there humiliated at 2 million people cheering your ass being DONE as I am celebrating Obama's moment.

This is why we marched. This is why 200,000 of us came from all over the world to try and put a spotlight on how incredibly inept this administration was. You spread all of our resources to fight a made up war and then can't take care of drowning poor people after a hurricane? DAHHHH. I'm STILL angry. The blood on that man's hands - I pray when he has his "Come to Jesus" moment he's got a LOT of whiskey ready. He's gonna have a lot of guilt to numb.
Going back now though... it's so poetic. It heals me. It allows me to put a stamp on my country and feel good about the future. This was what we wanted. An anti-war president (in regards to Iraq) that knew Iraq was a mistake from the beginning... and the fact that he's black -- after Katrina -- are you kidding? Icing. Black icing on a hip-hop cake.
Fucking. Word.
In Journey fashion, when I bought the tickets - I had fuck all of a plan. I literally jumped off the cliff and then started looking for parts to the parachute. My plan was to get in Monday night go downtown and just stand my ass there all night no matter how cold. I had one person I knew that I could stay with on Tuesday and Wednesday but that's about it. Then Linda writes me from Germany (radio producer who got me into the debates) and says she accepted a TV job in India (seriously, this woman makes me look boring, I love it) but will be in the states for a week to cover the Inauguration. So now she's lining up Inaugural balls and shit, staying with her Aunt on Monday/Tuesday... and depending on a friend from highschool's decision on "fear of crowds" I may have an actual ticket to this thing. JUMPING RULES. A week ago I was gonna watch it on TV and now there's yet another Journey Series and crazy adventure to chronicle. I really need to teach some seminars on the joy of vlogging. It forces you to write your life like an adventure book. Wonderful.
I can't wait.