Countdown Entry #29
4:22 PM, Wednesday, September 29th, 1999:
What a roller coaster of emotions. I again hand the story telling over to my phone log:
9/22/99 7:00 PM – "cool, ingenious" Losing my mind in glee as I listened to this voicemail. Says he doesn’t know what venue it can work at in Vegas because it’s so new…Sounded as if he wasn’t ready for how different it was, but not that that was a deterrent… he still wanted to know exactly when I was coming and gave me his HOME PHONE NUMBER to call him back. It will be hard to sleep tonight.
9/23/99 2:30 PM – called rob’s home number and left a message. Called his cell and left a message. Called his work and left a message. Can’t do much more than that.
9/27/99 4:00 PM – got ahold of him at home!!! HE SAID CALL BACK IN ABOUT 15 MINUTES. I am extremely nervous. Jesus.
9/27/99 4:15 PM – and now the depression hits. I will have to work Vegas like columbus, and he suggests NOT quitting my job. So how the fuck do I do that? We talked for about 20 minutes….I hope CD101 isn’t mad. Fuck me. His Company only hires for BIG things. The Dawn in Dawn Productions books live acts, but bands…places I wouldn’t go over. He suggested bringing all of my promotional stuff out to Vegas for a week and pushing it hard. Going through the phone books and hoofing it. Then seeing the response to the Video Tapes, and then going from there. I would have to do this ASAP though. In order have a pretty clear reaction by November. Jesus, that’s the only way to pull this off. Do I go alone? I may have to. Wow. Leave some Friday night with A BUNCH of video tapes and come back a week from that Monday. Can’t I call ahead of time? That’s what I’ll do. I’ll just make appointments for OH SHIT! WHAT ABOUT MY GIGS HERE? DAMNIT. I have none the first week of November. So I leave on the 29th of October, and come back on the 7th or the 8th. Does Jessica come? Oh god. Where will I find the money? AHHH! So much to think about. Good god. Well. That’s what I’ll do. (sigh).
After putting so much work into everything here, and not really getting anywhere, the thought of doing the same in a week's time in Vegas is daunting. I really thought some of these booking agents would be able to help. I guess I was naive. I really thought my tape would blow him away.
That, and the Eventco thing is shaky at best. I won't know more until we're almost into December. So stressful. I've pretty much told everyone December 27th is my date. I'm gone. If I don't do it I'll never do it...but giving up a salaried job, with hardly anything left in the bank - with a group of sets I can't update because of ABOT. AHHH.
In happier news I got the Gallery Hop gig so I'll be playing this Saturday, the day after Polaris. It's free, but it's fun. In fact it should be a really fun couple of days, cheer me up for sure. Boru's is really the only bright spot, and hell even that might be dead after such a lackluster crowd in Powell the last time.
And tonight is FM. Ugh, another free show. It's a cool lookin' club, hopefully it can impress some people. I guarantee I'll get the same "You should go to Vegas" comment after Abbey Road like I have 3 times before. (sigh) What a crazy month, from ABOT to Vegas... I can only imagine what October will bring.