Countdown Entry #32
7:32 PM, Monday, September 13th, 1999:
As aggrivating as this is, at least I'm getting paid for it.
Shorty's and Fats are gone. Both for exactly the same reason. They want a bigger crowd, but they continue to book nights where without me... they're completely dead. If more people show up for me, than are in the bar the entire NIGHT, it's never gonna get better. I'm just not sure what more I can do unless you put me on a slightly more crowded night. It's a constant battle to get more people to actually see this. I understand booking the first shows on an off night - but once you see I am bringing 10-15 gotta put it on a big night. Get your crowd to see it couple times which can then filter down to those slow nights. It's such a catch-22.
But then I turn around and book 2 huge shows. And 2 extremely easy bookings. Lady sees me at Boru's, brings her son to see me at Shorty's, ends up he's a promotions guy for Polaris Ampitheatre and they want me to play their "Media Night" where they open it up to the local media. Talk about 2 birds! I should actually get some press out of this - that will be something to put on a demo tape. I'm even gonna have a SOUND GUY!!! WAHOOO!!! October 1st, can't wait.
And then Marty MOOSE dropped a tape off at Signatures, behind his apartment, and the guy loved it! Booked immediately - $250. Pow. Playing October 8th. Sometimes it's so easy. Oh and the Brian Boru's dude is getting me in touch with the Gallery Hop lady later in the week. I may be doing the October Gallery Hop. That'll be awesome. Lots of sidewalk traffic, it'll be incredible exposure.
I just pray that Polaris can get me press, that press can get me gigs, those gigs can get me money to buy a computer to make new sets, and those sets will get me to Vegas. Not too much to ask for huh?
Oh and the Snaps & Taps guy, as expected, did nothing he promised. No ads, no flyers, just my own posters and friends. It will be nice to see you guys, but honestly? I'm not gonna make my friends pay $6 to see something...and then not come out and see it at the bars where I'm paid and lose more nights. If you come out - I'll give you my half back.
Ugh. I wish I was a drinker. This seems like the appropriate time.