Countdown Entry #20
12:47 PM, Thursday, October 28th, 1999:
Such mixed emotions. Take a look at this.
That incredible story was supposed to be coupled with an ad for my show at Holiday Inn on the Lane tonight. Man, why do I bother rewriting this - just look at my log. Better emotion anyway:
10/27/99 2:30 PM – give the 200 flyers to Marty, the manager. He tells me that he got complaints last time and that we’ll try this "one more time…" I am completely floored at this point. The show was fine! I sold CD’s for christ sake! I even told him that! The Lantern ad will NOT be in, and I’d better PRAY that the Yankees win it tonight or everyone will be watching the goddamn game again. You know what really kills me…I DID ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THE FUNNY SHIT. I was completely laid back. What the fuck! Who could complain? The noise? I heard the front desk people were annoyed. What? I’m just so fed up. I want to go to Vegas so bad for 4tvs. And now CD101 has thrown me a curveball that may make me stay. And have to still put up with this shit? Jesus Christ. So now how do I perform tomorrow? And what the hell is Marty’s motivation to even put the flyers under the door? So he has to give me more money when he’s canning it anyway? GOOD GODDAMN. FUCK! This was my only hope for November. Fuck. I have nothing after this week except for an errant November date from Brian Boru’s. I’m gonna have to get on the ball. If I’m staying in Columbus I’m gonna really have to kick a little ass. (sigh) so bummed…
10/28/99 10:30 AM – with paper in hand I storm into holiday inn and ask for marty. Waiting for 15 minutes I start to fume. I’m just so angry. This is my big day you know? Nice big article in the Lantern. Nice picture. Telling everyone about Holiday Inn and this is my last show because of complaints? WHAT? Goddamnit. So he finally comes out and is impressed with the lantern ad. I ask him about the complaints and he says the manager asked the people in the bar what theythought and they said "eh…" Didn’t really care for it. Some people walked out. WHAT! Yeah, some old people walked out…and I mean like 60-70 years old. The infamous drunk guy was a bastard. But good christ I sold CDS! What the fuck. Who did he ask? And the point that REALLY IRKS ME. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK? Can you please look ahead just a tiny bit? Do you see the article that you’re holding in your hand? That’s young campus folk that will come if you keep it going. But because some fucking guy did asked a few tables what they thought…what? JESUS. HELLO SIGNATURES All over again… These dumb ass bar owners. PLEASE SEE THE FUTURE. PLEASE SEE 1 week INTO THE FUTURE. GODDAMNIT.


There just couldn't have been a better set-up. I mean I know the article says I'm playing at the end - but the Holiday Inn ad was gonna have a $5 coupon. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?! So tonight's gonna be my last show because of what? I read this article over and over and all I can keep thinking is: "If I were a lounge owner, I would jump on this in a heartbeat" Free advertising, coupled with your PROMISED advertising - a few've got something. So I don't appeal to 60-70 year olds...isn't that a good thing!?!?
Then the CD101 thing I mentioned on the 27th.... (sigh) I really can't say anything right now but it would keep me in Columbus for another year at least. I'd be able to do my show and 4tvs... it's really a perfect offer and with the way things are going - I don't see how I don't take it. This is obviously gonna be a tough sell in Vegas, people just can't seem to look ahead.
This should be such a joyous day, I've never even gotten so much as a mention in a paper - or even a review...yet when I do no one will capitalize on it.
Please come out tonight to Holiday Inn on the Lane if you can. It'll be fun.