Countdown Entry #22
11:35 PM, Wednesday, October 20th, 1999:
I am losin' it. I'm just losin' it.
I have bought 3 seperate capture cards, installed them, nothing works. I've been on with tech support hours at a time for days...they blame it on everything but their card. I bought new, faster harddrives - still no luck. I've bought new cables? Nothin'. I'm going the firewire route which is apparently a newer technology, but it's cheaper than an entire Media 100 suite which is $3000+.
This has been going on for over a month now. Every second of my free-time is spent doing this and I'm spinnin' in circles. I can't express how unbelieveably frustrating this is. The whole show relies on this. Being able to simply GET VIDEO into my computer...and then BACK OUT to my tape. That's all I need to do. I've gotten it where I can get it in, but never back out. Hahaha. At least I'm laughing. It really is as frustrating as a woman...except your hands can replace a woman - I need this computer to work or I'm screwed. Oh SPEAKING OF someone as FrUsTrAtiNg as a WOMAN (I swear Jess and I are fine, I'm just losing my mind) GUESS WHO I RAN INTO... Let me find my Thirsty Ear log:
10/1/99 3:45 PM – you will truly enjoy the irony of this entry. So there’s a big room at CD101 – Richard Thompson. As he’s meeting the listeners after the show – a guy hands him a business card. Thirsty Ear. It was fucking Jerry. I said: "Flaherty?" He says: "Yes…" Looking a bit intimidated. I said "hey, I’m Adam Kontras, I’ve been leaving messages for you for a few months now…" "ADAM!" (Like we were old friends) Blah blah blah…what a moron. He says we HAVE TO GET TOGETHER….he NEEDS to talk to me. Yeah…So, I will call him Monday and try and set-up a meeting, but what a strange twist of fate. Ya gotta love it.
10/4/99 5:30 PM – called and he wasn’t in…he’s off today…so THAT’S why he told me to call on Monday…heh heh…I’ll leave a message at the other number…
10/5/99 3:30 PM – no answer…I’ll try back in an hour or so…
10/8/99 1:45 PM – still nothing, I’ll leave a message… Fuck him.
10/11/99 1:00 PM – acted like he asked ME for a meeting and left a message giving my available time. Let’s see if that works.
10/14/99 4:45 PM – he wasn’t in but will be shortly. Let’s try 5:15 PM.
10/20/99 2:00 PM – fuck…missed a couple of days. OH MY GOD I TALKED TO HIM. Heh heh… What a prick… Now he’s looking at January, because he’s waiting for shelving to come in. And when the "dust settles" he’ll call. What a dufus. Oh well…I contacted you in June and thought that just maybe, maybe in 6 MONTHS I could play. Sorry you have to wait until January. I won’t be here. LATE.
But if I can't get this goddamn computer to work, I'll be worthless anywhere else. I'm now 2 months away from the move, with nothing to show for it. I can't make a new set, can't make a new demo tape. (sigh) Losing Signatures, the Holiday Inn guy is flakin' on promised advertising...just lotsa doubts right now. At least Chris at Boru's is still giving me gigs. Man he's so cool. I bring nothing to the club, he just keeps giving me a monthly gig. Man do I need it.
Boru's in Powell on Saturday.