Countdown Entry #25
5:18 PM, Saturday, October 9th, 1999:
SOOO MUCH NEWS, so little time...
First go to, and you can download 4 of my songs! I've entered the MP3 world! I downloaded Come To and am still in awe of how much like the CD it sounds.
My album will soon be reviewed on (a national MP3 site)...can't wait to see what they say about it.
I have bought all the equipment to make my own sets now. Unfortunately nothing works. Anyone with any FIREWIRE knowledge with video editing...please help me. This has been the hardest week of my life...with absolutely no progress.
The cancelled gig at Signatures is now TONIGHT in Gahanna. They're thinking of booking me every Saturday Night if I get a good crowd. This is a biggie. If you can stop by, It'd be awesome. On Mill St. in Gahanna and you can eat food there. Last time I played a place with food was Champps...whew... let's not think about that..shall we?
In other show news:
-Holiday Inn will be on the 15th...should be a laid back gig.
-Booked 2 more gigs at Brian Boru's, the 23rd of this month and November 19th. This guy has been so cool about booking me with such a limited crowd, I'd love to help this guy out. So if you can, please try your best to drop by.

Oh, and it's my birthday...24. uhm...yup.

Hope to see you tonight..