Countdown Entry #49
7:19 PM, Monday, May 31st, 1999:
What a month.
Last week I recorded 2 more sets, bringing my total to 6 and effectively allowing me to start booking gigs next month. I will need at least 8 sets to pull off a gig, but I assume it'll take me a month to come close to a paid performance.
The demo tape is just perfect. ABOT (the production company who I'm workin' with) really blew me away with their creativity. It starts with me describing how I thought of 4tvs and goes into the first show. I'll try to get some clips. I can't imagine how it won't blow bar owners away and at least give me a chance. I hope. It's actually all a little bit scary really. If I can't get a gig, I just wasted $10,000 and 6 months of my life. This was a dream like no other...I didn't "think" about it - I dumped my life savings and entire being into it.
Can I make any money at this? Is there any future? Will June be one rejection after another?
We'll just have to wait and see...
I got a clip of the first 20 seconds ever recorded of 4tvs from earlier in the month. The audio is really distorted, but it's something I thought I should keep.
MAY 1999