Countdown Entry #44
7:17 PM, Thurday, July 6th, 1999:
Booked a gig booked a gig booked a gig. Happy happy joy-joy. Friday July 30th at the Powell "Brian Boru's" bar. That's like a testing ground for the other place. I don't care what it is. It's a paid gig and I can prove myself. Chris was very cool. He runs 5 places and knows the entertainment business. THANK GOD. Thought it might be cool for me to play the patio on gallery hop nights. That's perfect. Lots of exposure, and people will flock to it. Also, it's on the same patio that CD101 is on! HA. How awesome would that be. To be able to be there and not have to worry about my usual duties with CD101. Very cool. I'm very excited…now here's the problem. Heh heh. I have to play 9-1. That's 4 hours. That's at LEAST 12 sets. I'll have 9 by the 18th….SOMEHOW I have to make 3 more. And have them DONE by the 30th. Good christ. I have the ideas thank GOD. It's just a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK. Very cool. Very happy. I needed this.
So many other things in the works too. Andyman said I could play a gig at his bar for the door. It'll be more like a place that I can practice and I might make $4 for dinner. Heh. That could be as soon as next week. Working on a hotel lounge at Holiday on the Lane. That's a bit more of a captive audience than a bar - so I'm excited about that. Still dozens of little clubs that are looking over the packages - a lot could be happening in the coming days.
Still just floored at how positive even the denials are. Everyone loves it, it's just not for every club. And I realize that, although Columbus is a big's filled with LOTSA rednecks. The guy at "Vinny's Pub" said:  "That's too high brow for us." Heh. You can't be mad at that.
So it looks like we'll have 3 shows in July, Andyman's, Shorty's and Brian Boru's. Man I need to have a lot of sets ready by the end of this month...
...but after last time I'm liable to play nothin' but love songs on a loop. Heh.
JULY 1999