Countdown Entry #36
1:15 PM, Tuesday, August 31st, 1999:
So frustrated here. How people can look at the same thing and come up with such wildly varying takes on it is beyond me. I contacted a booking agent last month with hopes of getting some in-roads to Vegas. Hell, I just give you the phone log:
7/19/99 4:00 PM – What the hell. Wow. This guy first of all is based in Ohio. Had no idea. I talked about Vegas, and he immediately said…it takes a magician to make it in Vegas. It’s a tight knit group that let’s very few people in. Then he started asking me if I spoke english in my act. Uh…yeah. I do… Apparently that doesn’t go over well in ASIA. Well I would suspect NOT…what the fuck? I guess he books internationally. Jesus. Hey, you pay my way, I’ll play in singapore with a cane on my ass. I’ll send a tape to him tomorrow to see what he thinks. Nice guy, I talked with him for quite some time. Whew. What a strange world I’m entering.
After seeing the tape:
7/26/99 12:30 PM – He says I’m somewhat of a genius…he said I was marvelous…but the tape needs to show the SHOW. GODDAMNIT this is so aggrivating. FUCK ME. I’m redoing the tape this week. PERIOD. This is insane. How many more people have to say this before they (ABOT) believe me. This was the one thing I didn’t have control over and it’s PISSING ME OFF. I told him I’d have him a new tape in a week. I’m almost EMBARRASED. FUCK ME.
8/5/99 1:15 PM – this guy is so strange…he brought up the phillipines again. Good GOD. He seems like he’s been in it quite a bit. He makes me feel good about the act. I told him I’m making a new tape and I’m gonna put some live stuff in it. I’ll send it sometime next week. Talked for way too long, but it’s nice to hear about it.
8/23/99 1:00 PM – obviously pissed at ABOT, they’re fucking around, and the tape still isn’t close to being done….. I PRAY I can send it this week. JESUS CHRIST.
8/27/99 11:30 AM – FINALLY…the tapes are done. Sending out as we speak. It’s a very good tape. I’m very excited. Only a month late, but oh well. I’ll call him Monday to verify. Let’s pray.
After seeing the new tape with more of the show:
8/31/99 1:15 PM – "I really see no entertainment value here…" He said it’s not funny, sees no entertainment value, and no one will buy it. Can’t believe anyone would go see it. Doesn’t get it. There’s nothing to sell…etc. He went ON AND ON AND ON. I simply smirked and shook my head. He finally started sounding like an old fogey here, and I didn’t know much of what to say. I’m a little concerned though. He says there’s nothing here that could work onstage. Ahhh…my head is spinning.
To say this is discerning news, is to say the least. Not sure quite how to take it. I mean the guy was anything but young... but no entertainment value? First off, goddamn ABOT is treating me like they're doing me a favor every time I need them to do anything. I realize $500 a set and $500 for a demo is not TOP dollar, but to put with their shit it certainly is. They stalled with the demo tape because when they saw the tape of "TL's Set" they had "serious concerns". Oh spare me the fuckin speeches man. This is all gonna come to a head soon. AHHH.
But this dude, Mr. Joel Poplar... I mean I don't want to be so arrogant that I ignore the advice of professionals that have been in the industry - but I think this guy is INSANE. No entertainment value? There's 5 of the same guy onstage singing. Talking about it is entertaining. Oh well, a lot to think about before I run off to the west coast.