Countdown Entry #3
1:55 PM, Thursday, December 23rd, 1999:
Fellow Online Supporters,
Goddamn. I almost left another place without a last show AGAIN.
-Never got to say goodbye to the WTVN listeners - thought the Tee Jayes night was kind of cool...
-Never got to say goodbye to the CD101 listeners - but all they wanted to hear was naked chicks.
-Never got to say goodbye to the 4tvs supporters because they didn't have anyone to BARTEND at BRIAN BORU'S. CAN YOU FREAKIN' BELIEVE THAT!
Well, I just got a call and the show has been moved to Hard Rd. Cafe. JESUS. At least there's still a last show. For awhile I was just wallowing in my bad luck. I even checked to see if my trailer was stolen again.
As far as the directions go - it's actually easier. 315 N. right past 270 to the first light - and that's Hard Rd. Follow that up to SMOKEY ROW and it is in that strip mall to your right. Right behind the UDF. Very simple.
Now I am bummed because you cannot see the stage very well at Hard Rd., but we will make do. You know what... If someone could arrange a nice stage anywhere in this city, I'd play for free just so people could see it the way it was meant to be. Oh well. Email me if you think you can arrange that QUICK. heh heh....but really - this is the FINAL's already got a screwed up beginning...let's make the end memorable...
PS - New Bread in the Freezer video with Burg! Only time it will ever be seen in Ohio!!