Countdown Entry #7
1:17 PM, Tuesday, December 7th, 1999:
Fellow Online Supporters,
It's not very often that I come right out and ask you for something, but I need two big favors. The first is easy:
Please head over to and review my 4 songs that are there. If you don't have an mp3 player you can download one REALLY quick at Or if you've heard them before (Lurid, Come To, Bread in the Freezer & It's You) you can just jot down some words. This is my first national exposure and it'd be cool to have the home town support.
The final favor is this Friday at the Hard Rd. Cafe. The turnout at this show determines if I play there on New Year's Eve, which is a serious amount of cash to help me move to LA. It's also probably the last show any of you can catch before I go to LA. After Friday all I have is Christmas Eve, and maybe New Year's Eve. Neither of which are easy trips to make I'm sure. This Friday is probably your best bet.
If you're under 18, well shit. I'm sorry. You won't be able to make it. The only show you'll be able to see before I leave is the Brian Boru's show in Powell on Christmas Eve.
If you're over 18...AHHH! Please try to make it. Especially if you've never seen it. It's worth the trip...oh and it ain't much of a trip:
Take 315 north to right past 270. That light is Hard Rd. Take a left and follow it to smoky row. Hard Rd. Cafe is at that intersection. I'm not completely sure which side, I think it's the left. But it's right there anyway...
So there you have it. Oh, and for those of you who saw it before...I will have 2 brand new sets this Friday. I've been KILLING myself getting "A Day in the Life" done for this week. It includes: "J-Dog" "Foot on the Gas" "Lack of Personality" "Washin' up the Genitals" & "Bread in the Freezer"'s a little movie. Don't want to miss it. Here's a sneak peek of "J-Dog" to peek your curiosity. See I told you I wasn't makin' that up when I wrote that song...
Well, that's it. I cannot believe it's the 7th. This time next month I'll be in LA. WOW. Thanks again for all your support...