Countdown Entry #9
6:52 PM, Friday, December 4th, 1999:
Fellow Online Supporters,
As I slip into my final month here in Columbus, there is good news: I finally have my first national exposure. It's amazing, a global mp3 site says more about my album than anyone has in this city. is one of the global leaders of mp3's with more than 5 million hits a month. As you know I recently had 4 songs from "hearing my thoughts" put on's web site. They in turn have a partnership with, and to put their contents on a national level. Very exciting indeed.
Now, there isn't really a REVIEW up yet, but rather a two sentence description of what I do. But here's where you guys come in. You can review the songs. Finally your words of support can transfer over to exposure for me. If you would be so kind as to skip over to and tell them what you think of the 4 songs, I'd really be appreciative.
Also if you check out my site you will see I have a 1999 CD release...actually's Sampler Volume 1 came out over Thanksgiving, and I was on it. What an amazing thrill. Contact to see how to get a copy.
As my time nears an end, so does 4tvs in Columbus. As of now there are only 3 scheduled shows left, with New Year's Eve still pending...
TONIGHT - December 4th - at Brian Boru's in Powell
December 10th - at Hard Rd. Cafe....
Christmas Eve - Brian Boru's in Powell...
If I do have a New Year's Eve gig it will be at the Hard Rd. Cafe. I should know about that by Tuesday. Please check the site, as I update the shows as soon as I get them, and have been updating the rest of the pages almost DAILY.
And finally in what may be the biggest news of all. There's finally a new freakin' 4tvs set. I CAN CREATE AGAIN! HA! It's called the "Slide Set". The 4tvs are pissed because they just want to chill when they're on instead of they leave and let me go it alone. I in turn do 3 parody songs with pictures and video...pretty nifty. Arrogant (previously from the Hate Set), Hanson - BRAND SPANKIN' NEW, and Sweet Dreams of Threesomes - also BRAND SPANKIN' NEW. This means that the "Hate Set" is now defunct.
If you make it to the December 10th show there will also be another new set "A Day In The Life..." (here's an outtake from it where I run into a sign. Moose found it funny, me? Not so much)
AHHH!!! to finally be able to create...whew...
Hope to see you all soon...