That's pretty good, Adam!
Reminds me of every time we go home (upstate NY) for
the holidays, we sneak in our Siberian Husky to the hotel.
Hey, you've GOT to do this compressed MPG thing with your act...
well, bits of it.
I'll never be in LA.
Hey, I've updated my site!
Check it out at
Good luck!
hey adam,
glad the trips going good so far, i can't wait to hear about your first show,
good luck.
P.S. i loved the little clip of the pet smugling, i hope to see moer of those
as the trip and move goes on.
I am GLAD to hear you are off and on your way into this grand and wonderful
new adventure. The hardest part is letting go and seeing the affect it has on
other people seeing you leave. I know this first hand. I was at a newyears
partyand met some kid and he said he went to watterson , he asked what year
i said 94 and the only name he could muster up was burgundy McCulley. I about
shit my pants. I talked about you for a while and we went our seperate ways.
They dated for 6 months after you and she broke things off. I hope you and
your friends had a great New Year Adam . Get me your damn address when you
are there so i can send you your money.
I have a friend in La, her name is Jeanne, she is good friends with the guys
in sublime , she went to HS with them. I will mention to her you are there
Let me know how things are going. WOW a buck 7 for a gallon of gas, SHIT send
me some . that is cheap as hell.
Hey. Mpg files are a lot better when they include some sort of nudity...
hey, I enjoyed reading your entry, but who are you?
Damn, I wish I could have seen you guys before you left, but oh well, I know
you were busy getting ready to leave. Reading your notes about the trip made
me want to be on the road so bad. I think I told you some of my tails from
driving to CA twice, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I wonder if you
are seeing the same things I saw, and maybe even staying in the same hotels I
stayed in, etc. Today is huge.. first day back in the office after the Y2K
thingy, etc, so I better get back to work. I am really looking forward to
reading your next email. If you need anything, let me know. I'm coming to
see you sometime. Count on it.
Tell Marty to find a pool table he likes in a bar out there, because I'm
coming out to kick his ass at pool !!! Just kidding Marty....
adam, jess, and moose,
i am very glad to hear that you all arrived at your new home safely. the
video was interesting, we used to have to do that with our dog on vacations.
dont forget to have a little fun while u are there :) happy new year!!!
keep in touch, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!
Hi guys! Glad to hear it's going ok so far! Nothing new here - just wanted
to say I liked the photo. It took me two or three tries to realize it what
it was, but when I finaly figured it out, I laughed my head off!
Hey! I've been thinking about you guys all day! Glad to hear its all going well.
Good luck with the rest of the trip! Keep in touch! Miss ya already! :)