Entry #73
3:54 AM, Friday, September 8th, 2000:
What a freakin' joke. So Howard and the gang decide to see who can get the highest breathilizer rating while at the MTV Awards where they broadcast their show. The show they are voting on the parody song finalists, they're trashed out of their mind. They can barely get through a song without getting off track and trying to see some chick naked. They've listened to maybe 5 songs and chosen 3 of those as finalists. Completely lame songs. People aren't even singing. They just say a funny joke about Gary's teeth at the beginning and they can't stop laughing. So they figure it's good. I realized all through last week that because my song was just about my girlfriend being a lesbian, and not...ROBIN being a lesbian, it'd be a longshot...but it was so well done in comparison to the others, I was sure it had a chance. The songs they're picking are so bad, it's almost like I'm embarrassed to say I'm in the contest. And they're so freakin' trashed. I cannot BELIEVE this is what 've been so excited about. I know it's not over, but I don't even see how they'll finish the show at this rate. I bet they don't. I bet it ends like an hour and a half early and they just go to a "best of" thingee. And I could NOT be more tired...I fell asleep at like 2 AM, and got up at 3 AM and am trying to listen over dialpad, but they're all so wasted and annoying it's useless. Man, my song would just STAND-OUT in comparison to this shit. I bet mine was weeded out early for some reason...I can't imagine how this shit is getting on... Oh well it ain't all over yet. They're back on again...
4:14 AM - This is like being with your drunk friends that you wish would just pass out already. They are now taking breathalizer tests to see who's highest. They still need to announce 5 more finalists. What a joke....what a joke!!!
Then again, do I really need this kind of reassurance? Would I be happy if in their drunken stooper they laughed at my song? Yeah. I would.
Man, I'm not sure if I can even listen to this any longer. Who's idea was it to have a drinking contest? I mean at 7:30 AM, how many people driving to work wanna hear a bunch of drunk guys screaming and laughing? Understood, most morning shows SOUND like a bunch of drunk guys laughing, but these guy actually are...and it's pathetic.
4:38 AM - they're trying to finish this up but they keep reverting back to the DRUNK tally. This is so bad. I can't tell if this makes me want to get BACK into radio, or get as FAR AWAY FROM IT AS POSSIBLE....They did NOT just pick that song. Are you kidding? That made it? Check out my reaction...video - maybe this is all a parody on us?
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5:19 AM - now they're interviewing Kid Rock...and I am DONE.
How completely disappointing. Every song was about show members - even an OJ song got booted by Jackie because it wasn't a "Show Member" song...it sucked...but Jackin moaned because it wasn't about them - THEY SAID ANYTHING! Oh, why do I care! It's freakin' 5:21 in the freakin morning. This is really the most pathetic excuse for a radio show I've ever heard. I give Howard until the end of next year until he's off. It's just so bad. Even the E! show is getting bad. Sex is fun and all, but unoriginality only goes so far.
Well, at least this is over. All that's left is the Hollywood Screentest Contest, and it figures I'll win that one. The only one that has nothing to do with talent, and only judged on votes. Then again, this one ain't judged on talent either.
I'll update everyone on my personal life in another entry. I'm just too damn tired at this point to keep going. I'm amazed I was able to update all this while I was listening.
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