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12:30 PM, Friday, September 29th, 2000:
Thursday, September 28th, 2000 - 8:30-10:30 PM
I have to get in shape. I just have to. I'm approaching 25, and I swear to GOD I move like a 50 year old (No offense dad!). I just get so winded and tired. During the set-up I realized I want to do this more often. I went back to once a month because HST got so busy...and then I got SMACKED for 2 months without work. Even now it's so sporadic it barely counts. Something keeps nagging at me to get out and do the show more...but when no money's involved it gets really tight. On the other hand...I'm paying for the insurance for the car to move the trailer for all the equipment right? Hell I barely drive the thing otherwise. So I'm wasting money if I don't play out more...? Maybe. Anyway...the set-up took about an hour as usual with 2 people and I was rarin' to go by 8:30 PM. Also, MUST look into the DVD thing...it'll make life so much easier. Just how cheap can I pull it off?
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Could it be? After 53 shows a change to the show that makes an amazing difference. A mic stand. A freakin' mic stand. We had talked about it before (Jess, Moose and I), but it seemed too cumbersome. Man did it feel right. Just changed my entire performance. Sat down with the stand for the Harry Set, and when I was standing..it just worked. Like I was part of the band, and during the funny sets...it made it really feel like stand-up. The mic stand just nailed it. It also kept a uniform fit for the show being that the other tvs have mic stands. Being able to use both hands just rocked. As far as singing..I felt fine...Damn Michael Jackson song still kicked my ass. Man that bitch is high. Alright, enough of the preliminary stuff...let's get to why this was the best LA show so far...
Over a dozen people were there just for me. That's definitely a first. Dragon Man the cigar seller saw my show last time and invited his friends...Then 3 people from my apartment complex came...and Brian and Christie came as well. Now on the downside... One of Dragon's friend's (Dragon looks so much like Darryl Parks it's uncanny BTW) - brought their daughter who must've been like 11 or 12. (sigh) - And there was another table of kids around like 14-16. They all seemed embarrassed to even laugh and I hate that. This show is just not for kids. And since I play once a month, I can't "be careful" and play nice stuff...I gotta do my best because you never know who's out there. So I started with Harry which is very mellow..and then POW - went loco. After the first set the apartment people came by along with Brian & Christie. Everything went awesomely. I love it when people that kind of know you, but DON'T know you come out to see the show...they just have no clue what to expect. It happened a lot in Columbus. Complete strangers always act the same, but people that are aquaintances just have the greatest reactions. Jess yelled out Parody 1 because "Star Wars Blew" is in it, and I realized I haven't done it in about 6 months. I knew absolutely none of my lines, and that was even funnier. It seemed everything I said was funny...it was very cool. After the show, Christie said she'd make me a list of comedy club people she knew. I explained I had done most of them and they all said the set-up would kill it. I have to make the 4tvs boxes now. I just have to. For probably $1000 - $1500 I could do the DVD conversion and the boxes. Man I need a sponsor. You know how cheap $1000 is? For $1000 some guy could get my loyalty forever. What a great freakin' investment. LOL. But really...it would make the show look so polished and so much better...for so cheap. You just KNOW there's a guy out there with that little money hangin' out that he's looking for a way to spend it wisely...We'll see. For some reason it seems NOW is the time. My excitement for 4tvs has just gone up about 10 notches. Thank God I didn't sell everything. I love gut feelings...
Well there you go....best show in LA so far. Oh and TL got $4, TR got $3 and LIVE ADAM GOT $34!!! Best tipped show in LA yet! To all of those who tipped...thank you so much. Please know your money is being well spent and is truly funding a dream. I'm not buying drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes....(and $40 could actually go pretty far in those categories around here). Your support means volumes.
So the next month is gonna be busy...damnit I just realized I have about a million ideas that got lost over the last 78 entries. I think in the next one I'm gonna go through them all in a checklist so I know what the hell I'm doing. Oops, I'm typing outloud again...LOL.
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