Entry #77
10:10 AM, Thursday, September 28th, 2000:
Ugh, I just want this all to be over...so I guess this is the last step.
As expected, my grandmother passed away last week. She was able to hold on until both Tim and I got home. My uncle Tim was coming from Ireland. Heck of a trek just to get to the airport for him. Needless to say the whole week was horrible, difficult, and intensely emotional. None of which I was even remotely prepared for. The process was spread out over 5 days because of of other funerals, and it just completely took the wind out of everyone. Jessica was able to come in the next day, oddly enough about 2 minutes after she died, and was a great source of support for me. THANK YOU BRIAN, for keeping everything together in our household while we were gone! I will rescind my earlier "We have no friends" statement...you are a true friend.
Strange thing over the past week: I apparently cried in my sleep every night... What a cool way for your body to let out emotion. The days were filled with decisions and family, and there was never time to really grieve, but at night I guess I let loose. Unfortunately a few of the nights I woke up and I felt horrible...like I truly had been crying all night. But either way, I thought it was another testament to the strange emotional beasts we humans are.
Got back yesterday afternoon and hurried to the 3rd showing of "Southern Fried Chickie", the show I'm doing techie stuff for. I was so beat. I wanted desperately to just go home and arrange my life. Mail everywhere...it's strange when you leave for a week unprepared...you come back to chaos. But the show went great, and I nailed my cues...so that's cool.
J-Dog and Bob are incredibly pissy. Bob is dopey and kitten like, and J will just have nothing to do with him. They are a teensy bit better since when we left, but they were seperated the whole week, so we're really back to square one. We're finally gonna let them spend the night together, because Bob in our bedroom at night is a BAD idea. Bob thinks it's pretty nifty to pounce on eyeballs. I swear to God, if your EYE isn't covered, he will get it. I was dozing off and he pounced my eye...and I threw that cat completely across the room. I felt bad but it was just a reaction. That cat just FLEW. Anyway, so we're sleeping in peace tonight...I hope.
They were the only thing I could think to have for the video this entry. I must admit, in a time of mourning, this is damn near the funniest video I've ever done. This is only a 20 second clip, but I will be making a full length video to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Ben", but replacing Ben with Bob. The sight of them fighting to this music is just classic. Enjoy.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
I've got a gig tonight. I'm starting to get the feeling of wanting to play a little more often, but things are starting to crank up again. Jess starts her training next week and I'm doing web work for HST. Oh my GOD it's the 28th!!! The contest is over on Saturday! That would be a nice silver lining on a shitty month. So I guess I should put up the instructions for everyone to vote again. If you clear out your temporary internet files you can start over. Here ya go:
Click here:
-at the end of the first paragraph there's a red link that says: "so if you want to be a talent scout click here now"
-fill out the form (about 3 minutes of shit) - (if you've already done that you can skip to the next step)
-when you get your pin number click "talent scout" at top of screen
-then click callbacks in that first paragraph...
You're in! I'm in the "Male Special Talent" category (2nd of 3 guys)... All you do is put a check in that little vote box. The page refreshes and you're done. Please vote. Please vote. I really need a nice boost to the month.
So there, I guess that ends the entry I didn't want to write. I just need to put everything in the past and then deal with it little bits at a time. Last week was overwhelming for even "emotion boy" Adam. Hopefully now I can do that. I'll update you all tomorrow on the show. You know, I'm gonna do an old fashioned update like I used to do about the shows. Where I give you a clip of the performance and make the show description the entry. That'll be cool. It's been awhile since I've had any performance clips. So look for that tomorrow morning.
Oh, and let me reiterate one last time to those of you reading this from the columbusmusic.com link, you may wanna go back and skim the beginning of the year. If you have a high speed internet access, you owe it to yourself to watch all the movies too. It'll really make the recent entries a little more telling. I'm sure many of you are a bit confused by the meaning of many things. I basically have a dozen ongoing subplots that I give a paragraph about. Soon there will be even more.
Alright! Thanks for listening...talk to you all tomorrow.
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