Entry #75
3:332 PM, Sunday, September 17th, 2000:
I don't know what's more sad. The fact that House of Pain allowed the pringles can to sing it, or that Pringles is so desperate to change it's image, they have their logo sing "Jump Around"...ANYWAY:
Entry #75 is a HUGE entry. It seems like all the landmark entries have been incredible. I sure hope #100 is cool.
First of all...Jessica got the job. So our 2 moments in LA that were so scary that we were THIS close to packing it in, were saved at the last minute by a great job. The first was Hollywood Screentest, and now it's Calendar's on Wilshire. Jessica will be an assistant manager at this ritzy restaurant in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood. It's enough money, that by November we should have everything paid off (barring the family loans that WILL be paid), and we will simply be back to square one financially. And how wonderful is that. I had been a bit quiet on how scary it was getting, but we were as close as we were in April to coming back. Can you imagine us not having to stress about every penny? Can you imagine me actually concentrating just on creativity and how to further pursue my goals? It seems like a pipe dream, but it looks like it will happen. Thank you Jessica. Together we will pull this off.
So what's this 4tvs Network stuff? Is this the cable network you were talking about Adam? How stupid would that be?
LOL. No, The 4tvs Network was not the cable network I was talking about in the last entry...however you will now know the name of the network that Brian and I are working on. That is because I've made a whole new section on 4tvs that will link you to ever off-shoot of the site.
Amazingly enough I now have 7, yes 7 different sites moochin' off the 4tvs name. So it's time to introduce them all and tell you what they're all about. Although they have nothing to do with 4tvs, they will enrich the overall coolness of the site. Space unfortunately is a factor, and many of these sites won't be too graphically impressive, but it's still fun. So here we go:
Since this page was first uploaded, the site has undergone several changes. The links
page being described is basically no longer in existence. All that is left is this picture:
Basically just a fancy little series of rollover images
linking to the following 7 sites...it soon morphed into this

The first off-shoot, and still an incredibly complex and enjoyable site. Instead of releasing a CD, I realeased an entire site filled with a detailed journal, mp3s, videos, photos, and reactions from readers. If you're a musician, or a fan of music, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. It's completely different.

My only attempt at buying a name simply to get money for it. A Napster for movies is a dream, and though some sites are doing it, none have the name. Oddly enough, I'm not even sure if I can have the name...but we'll see what happens. It's a cool name though.

Well here it is. A project I've been working on in secret with Brian, and am extremely excited about. A cable network I've dreamed someone would make, and amazingly I've met the right person to make it happen. We're both very pumped and I hope to have much more news for you in the coming months.

Jessica's very own website! I went to getadomain.com and saw they were selling domain names for $8. With URL forwarding for $2. I figured $10 was very inexpensive gift to Jessica, who has had NOTHING but time since being off work. She can now design her very own site, and be productive. What a great way to spend $10.

You had to know this was coming. Instead of constantly changing his dog tags, I can just put - www.j-dog.net and a password, and people can get all his return info, as well as see how cool he is. It will be made in first person perspective, and is gonna be very fun. J-Dog was feeling left out, so now he's happy.

My father is busting into the 21st Century like NO MAN. He's just finished producing his first CD (all instrumental) and it's truly inspiring. So I'm doing my part by designing his site and helping him market this thing. Expect much more on this site in the coming months. He's got one helluva story to tell...

My good deed for the internet world right here...An old listener Dylan Hecht had just gotten dumped by someone who said they would sponsor his site. So, I came to the rescue and gave him some space. It's a Dragonball-Z site which is just beyond me. I missed out on all the RPG stuff, but if you're into RPG's check out the site.

So there you have it. As far as this entry's video...well too bad...the page is gonna be the video. That freakin' links page took me 2 straight days. It went through 3 different completely finsihed designs, and I finally had to go with the current because it loaded faster. And by the way, let me just say that Macromedia's Dreamweaver is an incredible program. The biggest problem with web design as compared to video design is the restrictions. Video design is limited only by your imagination, whereas web desigin is one parameter after another. Dreamweaver makes most every vision a reality, and is incredibly easy to use. If you're designing a site, a HIGHLY recommend it.
I just realized something...I'm an addict. Seriously. I'm so addicted to being productive it's unreal. I log everything I ever do, and list everything I ever do. From CDs to tapes, to sites, to videos...what am I doing? I only feel worthwhile when I have something to show for my time. Hmmm....I'd be a nice behavior study whouldn't I. Just an anecdote...take what you will.
Alright, things are looking up and I feel like I have my hand in every pot available...that's a good thing...
Jess & Adam