Entry #72
12:34 PM, Friday, September 1st, 2000:
You know, WE'VE gotta keep the deadlines... If we can't meet our deadline it's tough shit right?
Apparently not when you run the contsests. The 2 remaining contests have been delayed. So my week of stress gets kind of lessened. On the other hand it just streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetches it out.
First of all the freakin' MTV Contest got rolled over another month. LOL. Now, previously when this happened, all the VOTES got put back to ZERO. They assured me that this would not happen again. Ahem. Well, I suggest forgetting about the contest for a few weeks..and I'll remind everyone later to vote and re-vote. It's funny what happens when people don't keep their word. At first the first round was done in April...then it was rolled over to May...then to June. I made it a "TITLE" of one of my entries. Then it kept happening. Then all the sudden I come back from my wedding and I'm told the callbacks ended in a few days. Like "DUH" of course it does. Then I kill myself wasting your time and mine to get everyone to vote. But it's rolled-over again. Yet, they don't tell any of the entrants...I only know because I WORK THERE. It just really pisses me off as you can see. You screw with people, and they don't respect you. And since I consider myself a part of the company, that makes me even angrier. Then again, I can't control this. And really...it is the epitome of LA. Promises and talk. Unfortunately you HAVE to play the game and listen because they hold all the cards. (sigh)
But the big ASS-SMACKER is that Howard Stern got a few more entries than he thought he would, so everything's pushed back one week. I kind of understand, but you're freakin' Howard STERN. Biggest name in radio. And you have the entry deadline the day before you announce the top 10? Dumb-ass. I think sometimes I'm the most brilliant guy on the planet...LOL.
Brilliant enough to know it doesn't take 5 STRAIGHT DAYS to dry a carpet. (sigh) - so apparently the sprinkler system outside sprung a leak and flooded our freakin' living room. Ruined some of our videotapes (including the Jess's huge Gone With The Wind collector's edition set)... Well they get everything fixed, and bring one of those bad-ass fans in and says it'll be a couple....DAYS. See you Monday. Which of course is labor day..so let's make that Tuesday. I'm HELLA-PISSED. Cause it was dry within like 10 hours. Can't get ahold of them today...it just all SUCKS.
It's a slow news day isn't it. You can't possibly give a shit about our freakin' wet carpet. Our DRY carpet.
And my new computer is a windows crashin MACHINE. I finally had to reformat it again...and start from scratch. Days upon days with computers reinstaling and uninstalling.... Of course I need to download some programs...and my connection is still very slow. Then again, I'm sure all of you are on landlines too so I won't bitch.
Uhm...oh...still working on the x-men movie minded, and I spent etirely too long on a morph sequence..but it looks cool. It's eric morphing into jessica as the blue chick in x-men. I decided I'd show you because you can now see that eric looks like john stewart - and it's kind of cool....and I have SHIT else to show you...here ya go...
YouTube link added 02.13.09
My life has to be more interesting than this. Shit...no it's not right now. This could quite possibly be the most boring period in my time here in LA. LOL.
....quiet before the storm?
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