Entry #71
8:48 PM, August, 30th, 2000:
Bummer. Didn't win the eveo thing. Didn't even place. Surprised actually...I think my tape didn't make it to them really. Ya see, everyone who entered got $100 - which is cool in itself...and I have yet to get my check which was supposed to be out BEFORE the announcement. Oh well I've emailed them asking, we'll see what happens.
The worst is that they didn't update until 7:15 PM. I spent all day checking THAT and my ebay auction - CONSTANTLY. What a stressful few hours. I fared pretty damn well on the ebay auction. I got $55.02 for my 2 unopened Dreamcast guns. Freakin' gamecave.com overshipped AND overcharged me last year. Glad I could get my money back.
So 1 of my 3 contests is over and I am a comlete loser. Jesus 22 short films made it into the final run for the $25,000 - I can't believe Bread in The Freezer didn't come close. Oh well. It's all subjective. Anyway, you can check out my reaction to seeing my name NOT on the list RIGHT HERE in living color. The disappointment is minimal, because the Stern contest is the one I'm really confident about.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
And now the amazing news on that contest. He's announcing the top ten finalists either Friday or Monday...
So basically, all I have to do is be tenth best, and I have a trip to New York next week and a spot on his show. I simply cannot IMAGINE not being considered in the top ten with what I've heard. I really hate to get my hopes up, but I have to win this one. I was bummed about eveo, but I'll be PISSED about this Stern thing. My only problem could be that the majority of the songs were written ABOUT one of the people on the show. And they seemed to like that. My song is about my girlfriend being a lesbian, but me thinking she's just bi. It's generic funny as opposed to specifically about them. So there's a big subjective part to all this. If it's just based on how well done it is...I should have no problem being in the top ten. And can you imagine? I want this one BAD.
So here's the kicker...Stern is delayed out here...because if he were live he'd come on at 3 AM. And who the hell would listen to him then? Well me. Late Thursday night, early Friday morning, I'm gonna be on dialpad.com with my Uncle Aa...ahem from now on I must refer to him as "My favorite Uncle Aaron" in Columbus listening to the show. What sucks is I don't know when they're gonna announce it. But I will be listening. I'm extremely excited. This is the biggest thing that's happened since I've been out here - and funny..it's on the other side of the country.
Of course there's still the MTV Contest which actually ends tomorrow. So if you haven't voted, again, here's how to do it:
Click here:
-at the end of the first paragraph there's a red link that says: "so if you want to be a talent scout click here now"
-fill out the form (about 3 minutes of shit) - (if you've already done that you can skip to the next step)
-when you get your pin number click "talent scout" at top of screen
-then click callbacks in that first paragraph...
You're in! I'm in the "Male Special Talent" category (2nd of 3 guys)... All you do is put a check in that little vote box. The page refreshes and you're done.
The next entry will be the big one. I can't believe I videotape me in my most private of reactions and put them on the net for the world to see. Someday, someday this will be an incredible thing to look back on. For now, I will be so incredibly disappointed if I'm not in the top ten. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And please vote at HST.
Thank you so much...and keep your ears tuned Friday morning...
Man, what a shitty way to start the month...or a great way - AAAHHHHH I can barely stand it!
Jess & Adam
master video file never saved :-(