Entry #65
7:25 PM, Thursday, August 3rd, 2000:
The big LA move part 2... 
Well, the move made me late for my dentist appointment at noon. We started moving at around 9 AM and I guess I was cutting it a little close.
Did I mention the appointment was the following DAY?
In what has to be the most grueling physical feat I have ever accomplished, Jess and I are officially moved. You'd hope it took that long because we were driving so much...but nope-the roads were pretty clear when we were driving. Only 15-20 minutes apart. The biggest problem was that Jessica found out she has tendonitus (sp?) in her arms and can't lift anything, so I was basically alone on most of the stuff. No biggie, we have a nice hand truck that will make life easier. On top of that we packed nearly everything a MONTH ago, so it was all loading time. 9 AM was our big deadline. If we were out by 9 AM on Wendesday morning, we wouldn't get charged the extra day. Seemed a very reachable goal.
9:00 AM - Get up, shower, get moving clothes on - good shoes...ready to go.
10:00 AM - Start UNloading my trailer. That's right. In order to move, we had to unload all the 4tvs equipment UP THE STAIRS, and into my apartment, and then reload them once we're finished.
11:00 AM - Load trailer and pick-up truck. Took for freakin' ever. That damn piano. Of course we video taped it. I added in the FIRST piano video back during entry #5 was it? It's pretty funny...uncanny how damn near perfect the two shots line-up...
YouTube link added 02.13.09
2:30 PM - Finally got the first load in, we drive there, unload everything, sign all the papers for our lease, and get back home.
5:30 PM - Start loading all the boxes...so many. Realized the refrigerator doors had to go the other way for our new apartment. Took me freakin' 2 hours - yes 2 hours to get that damn refrigerator redone. Damn screws so tight, had to go door to door to ask for tools. Son of a bitch. We packed that bastard up REALLY good though. My trailer was so low to the ground I was sure I was gonna scrape. At this point the welts and bruises on my arm were really killing me from the piano. And my back was a bit sore, but I was still feelin' good. The worst thing was I was chaffing in every crevice known to man. I kind of had to walk like a mosey-ing cowboy Jesus on the cross. Heh. Damn near MIDNIGHT before we left, but we were moving as fast as we could.
11:30 PM - Start the second trip, unload boxes, take a bath, try and heal afflicted chafing areas (corn starch rocks)...and we're outta there by 2:30 AM.
3:00 AM - Start loading third trip, which is basically everything else, but our old apartment still looks like it has everything. Fitting that DAMN California King Mattress in that trailer. This load seemed to take forever. The sun started coming up. It would seem like we were resting somehwere along the line, but we weren't. Actually took 3 hours to load both vehicles. The stairs were an absolutel back breaker. We had the fridge in this load too. Lemme tell you. When you've just paid $500 for a refrigerator, I can't even tell you how tense your body gets when you're lowering it down steps on a hand truck. I could barely walk at this point.
6:00 AM - We're off for the 3rd trip and we unload in 90 minutes. These 2 guys ran up and helped us unload the couch. This sucked. It was a total scam. But I was soooooooooooo tired, and in such a bad mood, and so incredibly sore, I couldn't even speak. It's the - give us a tip routine, that if you don't they give you a break-in a week later now that they know where you live. They couldn't speak a lick of english either. They just ran up and started helping. (sigh) Oh well.
8:00 AM - back for the last trip which was basically reloading the 4tvs equipment and throwing the little things anywhere we could find space. It was REALLY getting close. And my body was really giving out. We weren't taking any breaks. I'd stop to drink water when I could, and we did eat once, but it was a constant motion, and I truly have SOOOOOOO many boxes of shit. Threw out all I could. So I'm taking the 4tvs stuff down, and it's just not happenin' I can't walk anymore. It's approaching 8:30, and I tell Jess...let's just put everything in the hallway. She said we had to be out of the apartment by 9 AM, right? So we book ass and put everything along the hallways. We get it all done at like 9:10 and she runs down there as I'm sweeping and getting the last few things. Jess comes back up and says that we're all good, just come back when we get "the little things" out of the hall. Little did she know, that the little things would take us 2 hours. Well the 5 minute break waiting for Jess killed me. I sat down after I got everything out, and my body said: "HAHA! Now I've got you. Silly boy, you shall never get up again." I couldn't get up to save my life. I hurt sooooo bad. Luckily since Jess hadn't been moving the heavy stuff, though she was working just as hard, she was able to get most of the stuff downstairs. We also got one neighbor to help us, and eventually got everything downstairs, loaded up at exactly 11 AM. Then there's the run-through by the office...
Did you know if you've only been in the apartment for 6 months, you have to pay for a paint job when you leave? I certainly didn't know this. $700. All I freakin' did was put nails in the wall for pictures. Are you freaking kidding me? Yeah, she said that they usually don't paint apartments when it's been less than a year, just touch up. I guess it's not law out here. But since some paint chipped around some of my nail holes, now they have to repaint it...and we have to pay for it. I'm so insensed at this point. Every apartemt I've ever been in has been freshly painted. I thuoght that was the law. We bitched and they agreed to pay half of it, but it is still money we don't have. There wasn't a damn thing wrong with the walls either. Just the nail holes. She said there should be no wear and tear on the wall under a year. ?????? Those holes were in the wall after a WEEK. How is that wear and tear. I'm so freakin' mad right now. ANYWAY. We just shake our heads, and say bill us. We;re gonna ask around and see if this is a fair deal. They did say they would try and touch it up first before they called the painters. Amazing.
Then of course after all this I finally got my tooth bonded. He said I needed a crown a month back, but I don't have the time or money now. So I'll just pray the bond holds up for awhile. I actually fell asleep in the chair! Man is drilling on my tooth (doesn't have a nerver so no pain) and I'm dosing off...he keeps saying: "Adam, open..." 'Cause my jaw was closing...I almost asked him to jack it open somehow and let me sleep. What a day.
Finally got to bed around 1 PM. The pain was really incredible. Besides the soreness and the chafing, my hands were just THROBBING. So hard, it was surreal. They still don't feel too great, but at least I can move. Jess fared a bit better, but we're both just beat to no end. I honestly don't think I've ever had a more grueling 26 hour span in my life. That last trip when I couldn't get up when I sat down was so strange. My body would not move. That and we weren't eating, or taking breaks like we should've been, but it became clear we weren't gonna make the deadline, so we had to beat ass. What a horrible experince. I will rent a UHAUL next time. Period. Yeah we probably saved $100, but we worked for like $1.85 an hour instead. LOL.
The apartment is verry nice. One bedroom, gonna be a bitch to fit everything, but we'll find a way. Only one parking space. For 3 vehicles. That sucks. The triler gets that honor, and we both park on the street. :-( Anyway, there will be much more later about all that. One more entry until we fly back home to get married, and then it'll be probably the 18th until you here from us again.
Jess & Adam
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