Entry #70
12:58 PM, Tuesday, August 29th, 2000:
So many of you I'm sure have guessed already what the first big announcement has to do with. Pretty cool video though huh? Although the music was the seldom heard "Classic Boyles" Theme (and one without lyrics no less) - you all knew that something in Boylesland was up.
Let me first explain The Boyles to some of you who may not have listened to my radio shows. Back in 1996 while I was doing talk, I created a "cartoon for your radio". It was a family from West Virginia (without the accents), that basically had cartoonish adventures. Led by Lester Boyle the grandfather, and Johnny Boyle, his grandson - there were 58 episodes in total. The popularity of this bit alone, made The Late Show (my radio show) quite a treat for me. The listeners seemed more excited about the family than me at times! As I've gone back and relistened to all of them, they have a sort of charm that is simply incredible to me now. I can barely remember making them anymore. It's as if they are friends from my past. Such a strange phenomenon. Anyway, the Boyles cassettes are still on sale at The Laughing Ogre, and directly through me for $4 a pop. Each cassette has 10 episodes on them, all the way up to episode 50. If you have a volume 1 cassette, consider yourself lucky because only 100 were made, and I will not make another. That was a promise to the people who bought those first 100. Each were signed by me and Aaron (the artist), and hopefully will be worth some dough.
But the news is that because of the incredible compression that mp3s allow...I can EASILY fit every episode on one disc, and then some. That alone isn't really why I'm doing this. New DVD players coming out, are being equipped with the ability to read mp3s off a CD! Can you imagine?! You can basically load up your CD with 12 hours of mp3 music, and pop it in. ONE FREAKIN' CD. A normal CD is 74 minutes. The difference in quality is only audible if you test them side-by-side. And even then, it's minimal. Many can't even hear the difference. It's a little like radio compression honestly...and THAT'S the beauty of The Boyles...since they were originally on the air...it sounds like home a bit. But rest assured these are The Boyles like you've never heard them. CD quality stereo sound...not the AM BAND. So what's on this disc so far?
-Well in your computer it will open like a web site with links to travel all over Boylesland. Here's the bulk though:
-The 58 Aired Episodes (52 on WTVN, 6 on CD101)
-2 Brand New, never-before-heard (even by ME yet, lol) Episodes. Episodes I was planning but never got around to.
-60 Brand new introductions to these episodes, describing their place in Boyles History...
-The "G Lester" Music Video used during 4tvs. It's the only animated vision of The Boyles. Over 4 minutes of animated fun.
-Rare, never-before-seen sketches and drawings as Aaron and I were deciding on the final look of The Boyles. Even some listener drawings will be thrown in there. You won't believe what Lester could've looked like.
-The Trailer Park Theme Song, and the ONLY EPISODE. Trailer Park was a spin-off of The Boyles that was done to appease my PD at the time who didn't like The Boyles. I eventually said "SCREW IT, I'm doing the Boyles again...". Ahem...2 weeks later.... LOL
-All 5 Boyles Openers including "Classic Boyles" (yes they actually had 5 theme songs!)
-Lester's Theme (Back when Lester only did editorials - GREAT SONG)
-Cartoon in the Wind (The Boyles series closing song - though they went on a bit longer...)
-EBONY AND IVORY - A rare duet by Ruffus and Lester!!! Never before released! CLASSIC
-Very Boyles Bells!!! - Another NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED song. Made for a christmas tape an intern at CD101 was making. Never saw the light of day - UNTIL NOW.
- The Boyles 3 commercials! Believe it or not, you may have heard The Boyles in ads on the radio and not even known it! 2 Pet Butler spots ran quite a bit on CD101, and if you heard this...you were lucky - it only played ONCE... ZIM'S CRACK CREME! Lester makes his paying commercial debut on a REAL commercial that ran on Bob Conners Show. Damn funny it is. The client didn't appreciate it, and it was pulled immediately - but I still have a copy. Giddy-up.
- Exclusive interviews with every person ever involved in The Boyles. This explains the 11.26.00 release date. Getting in touch with so many people back in Columbus will take some time. From every news person that did a voice...to the artists...to even my ex-wife who voiced Suzy Snarfwagon. You'll hear from all of them again...one last time.
And for now...that's it...LOL - CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU CAN CRAM ON ONE FREAKIN' CD?? Jesus, I should charge $40 for this. I'm thinking more like $15 though. For $15, you have so much material that it'll likey take you 2 months to look through it all. And truly the absolute MUST-HAVE asset to this disc, is that now you can play mp3s in your dvd player hooked up to your sound system. I'm sure it won't be long until they make car CD players accessible to mp3s as well. I hope you're all as excited as I am. I'm so happy to be able to make a definitive CD set of The Boyles I can't even tell you. Before, since each volume was about 85 minutes long, I couldn't even make a normal CD! So to have this, just rocks. And today's video...is actually a Boyles mp3 episode. Episode 34 from January of 1997 - "Get A Job". What would be 80 MB as a wav (regular music CD) is compressed to 7 MB as an mp3. Now that's still a pretty damn file, but it's an 8 minute episode.
Now for the second big announcement. As if I needed a few more CONTESTS to be in right now, the end of the MTV commercial contest is THURSDAY. I was told they were gonna roll it over into September, but apparently not. So I have 2 days to get the votes I need to win. This has been a totally messed up contest, and the site is so FREAKIN' CONFUSING. I finally can direct you EXACLTY, step-by-step, how to vote for me. The whole thing really bums me out because, I want a panel of judges to vote on me. Ya know? I worked my BUTT of on all my auditions and it all comes down to a popularity contest. That SUCKS. And the other contestents are just soooo bad. Not to be arrogant, but good GOD they are pathetic. I wish there was some better competition. It would make winning or losing feel a bit more "real". Worst part is, I did 5 auditions, and because I mentioned my special talent one in my bio, all the other 4 auditions are erased and it only comes down to my one special talent audition. Whatever. All I know is if HALF of you vote, you will be seeing me on a national MTV commercial. Simple as that. So here's all you gotta do. It takes less than 5 minutes...
Click here:
-at the end of the first paragraph there's a red link that says: "so if you want to be a talent scout click here now"
-fill out the form (about 3 minutes of shit) - (if you've already done that you can skip to the next step)
-when you get your pin number click "talent scout" at top of screen
-then click callbacks in that first paragraph...
You're in! I'm in the "Male Special Talent" category (2nd of 3 guys)... All you do is put a check in that little vote box. The page refreshes and you're done.
Stuff the ballot folks. If you have 2 email addresses...vote TWICE. You'll need to empty your temporary internet files to do so, as the cookies will know it's you. Either way...please take a few moments to vote for me. Of the 3 contests I'm in...this is the only one that depends on YOU guys. It has nothing to do with my talent or skill...just votes. Figures I'll probably win this one...LOL.
And there's the 2 big announcements. Of course the first contest (eveo.com - $25,000) is announced tomorrow, and the Howard Stern Contest is announced a week later. He's been going through parody songs lately on his show...those of you up that early should check it out. I'm so nervous about that contest I can't begin to tell you. Well...I'll update again tomorrow with the eveo.com news and another reminder to vote at hollywoodscreentest.com!
Thanks for your support,
Jess & Adam