Entry #69 (giggle, snicker)
1:20 PM, Saturday, August 26th, 2000:
It's nice that at a time when Jess and I can't really do anything for each other's birthday - it can still be memorable. She ate ostrich. I swear, only in LA at a 50's Diner, can you get an ostrich burger. Here's the receipt for proof. Funny...a little hole-in-the wall diner out here will still run you $25 with a tip. A cheeseburger and fries. (sigh) And to show how ASS backwards this city is - OSTRICH is only 50 cents more than a regular burger. Anyway, the ostrich was basically like any game - just a bit stronger than ground beef. Tasted like deer to me.
Well, it looks like we'll have some new readers from this point on. Let me welcome all the columbusmusic.com readers to the site. The site wrote a nice little paragraph on my site and my adventure out here - providing a link to me. Hard to believe I'm nearing 5000 hits already when 4000 was just a month ago. The site also asked me to write a weekly column about "making it" in LA. Sounds cool, but I'm a bit unsure as how to differentiate it from my entries. I'd obviously take some of the personal stuff out...then again...that's the fun stuff. That's really the point of all this. I'd read so many "making it" type articles that just tell you to be determined or aggressive...but it never helped because you could barely relate. You can relate to the journey section. Anyway, I'm waiting for word back from the webmaster on how the column should be written. So to you new readers, I would suggest if you have a broadband connection that you run through everything from the beginning. It'll provide a funny couple of hours to you. Also, drop me your email address and I'll provide you a link every time I update stuff. There's quite a bit in the works lately.
And if you could, fellow supporters, download some of my selections at columbusmusic.com? I'm at #5 most downloaded. It would be nifty to pass up a few guys.
Speaking of support...I just realized that it's the end of August and people haven't been voting in the second round of the Hollywood Screentest Contest for the MTV Commercial. Probably because I haven't mentioned it. It's all so screwy....I promise by next week I will tell you exactly what you need to do so I can win. It sure would be cool to be on MTV, even if it's just an ad.
Well, with HST helping me upgrade my motherboard (very cool of them), I chipped in the rest to buy a new computer. I can strip my current computer and put together a slightly faster one, and let Jess have the stripped one for all her stuff. She's getting into mystery shopping out here. Companies basically hire you to go to their store/restaurant/whatever and rate everything. They reimburse you and usually throw you a couple bucks. Very cool. So anyway, hopefully this solves my computer problems. I bought the computer online for $100 cheaper than anywhere else - I'm telling you the internet is going to undercutthe "brick and mortars" if they don't watch out. Unfortunately I need to put my current video editing on HOLD until I can get the new computer and transfer everything. So I'm STILL not making any money which sucks...but to tell you the truth - I've really enjoyed having a few days off. For the first time out here I've been able to relax. The money situation is actually much worse now, as debt enters the picture, but I'm dealing with it better I guess. Bottom line is...something ALWAYS happens. I take a quick overview of my life, and every single bad situation I've had, works itself out to become better than before. Stronger Than Before...heh heh. So I guess I have a bit more faith. And I REALLY think I'm gonna win SOME place in the Howard Stern contest. LOL. Oh yeah...
Had a show last night - it was awesome! May have a casino contact out of it:
Friday, August 25th, 2000 - 8-10 PM
Well I had to play early once again because there's comedy afterwards. No biggie, I understood that coming in. The first hour is still rather stupid though...but one guy seemed to like it. The second hour freakin' ROCKED though. I look up and all the tables are filled and people are LAUGHING at "Day in the Life" - like almost too hard. It was hard for me to not laugh during the show. It had been so long since I actually had an audience...it was really nice. What started as a dreaded night, and me wondering why I'm even still doing this, turned into an envigorating in which afterwards I'm ready for a second PUSH for shows in LA. I guess I just forget how cool 4tvs is sometimes. When you gig once a month, SOOO MUCH happens in between shows. When you see people's reactions to it for the first time it really gets exciting. I am now ready to burn one DVD disc with all the sets. For probably $100, and another $119 for the player, I improve my show so much, it's incredible. No tape...instant access to every song and set...whew...the show would FLY. But how do you justify ANY $$$ on something that hasn't brought in money since December?
After the show a guy gave me his card from a casino that he runs near palm springs. Could be a nice gig for me. Overall everyone was soooo receptive. Old people walked in during "Washin' Up The Genitals" and they even laughed. It was very strange there for a second.
So it was a good show, and the next 3 shows there will hopefully be later in the evening. I'll look into the DVD thing and hopefully it can be pulled off for relatively cheap.

So 4tvs lives on for now...

Oh and by the way, I'm a moron...LOL. So I'm in Columbus and I wanted to show somebody the site. Show them all the clips of the 4tvs sets. I realize that in the transition of the site (7.5.00), I forgot to put ANY links to the SETS section. LOL. A HUGE section with tons of movies and info, and it's completely unattainable. So then I go to link back up to it and I see it's still in the wrong color scheme with those ugly ass logos...so I had to redo everything. So I introduce a brand new section of fun: THE SETS
Ahh, and I must mention the Nintendo Gamecube being unveiled. Though it won't be released for another 14 months here in the US, I still felt all giddy seeing the first pictures of it and the movies of the future games and such. It's funny, I'll be 26 when this thing is out, and it all feels exactly like it did when I was 12. I think I'll always want to play the next Mario and Zelda game, and relive those feelings of being a kid. It must be a generational thing because my dad thinks I'm nuts. He sees absolutely no reason to sit in front of a tv for 4 hours (very modest estimate) and try to find that 87th star on level 13 in Mario 64. I on the other hand felt my heart RACE when I heard the system was announced just to see pictures of what I pray I can afford in a little over a year. I know the PS2 is coming out soon, and the X-Box has specs that blow the Gamecube away...but no one designs games better than nintendo. It sucks too, because as a company they BLOW. They're constantly delayed, they don't understand the US market for shit, they insist on making BAD hardware decisions (freaking 1.5 gig DVD mini-disc?)...but their in-house games are unmatchable. They make everything else look generic. Check out igncube.com for all the cool specs and movies if you care...
Well, I was going to announce it on this entry, but I'll make you wait until next time. I've been spending all my free time putting something together that's just gonna FREAKIN' ROCK. AHHHH I want to tell everyone so BAD. Fans of the WTVN Late Show will freakin' LOVE me, and a few of the CD101ers should remember this as well. Anyway, it'll give you something to look forward to for entry #70. The video is just a hint...
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Jess and Adam
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 AUGUST 2000