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2:34 PM, Friday, July 28th, 2000:
I realize we're in California. I dare not bitch about the heat...but our apartment has easily hit 120 in the past week and I would venture to say, at it's hottest moment it was nearing 130. These are oven temperatures. I think maybe MARS hits those temperatures. Heat so hot, it's actually funny. You walk in the room and you're so shocked that you start to laugh. It's like a COSI exhibit. You know? Where you stand somewhere and they subject you to different temperatures and you're in it for about 10 seconds and then you can move on. It's quite incredible. J-Dog has taken shelter in the bathroom. Poor guy, misery has been a way of life for him the past few weeks.
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Now outside, it's fine. Like 95 - 100 and happy. Obviously 95 here is a very dry heat and completely enjoyable. Our apartment though...it really is amazing. We have an air conditioner in the bedroom that keeps the room quite nice. Maybe 85-90...very comfortable. That room gets no direct sunlight. The living room on the other hand does, and just today we find our blinds have melted and formed into anything but straight blinds.
I mean good GOD, have you ever heard of someone's blinds in their apartment MELTING? Watch them make us pay for it when we leave. Oh and we're in that mode now. Trying to fix everything up because we leave in 3 days. I shant recount our fixes in case the apartment people ever read this. But some good sleuth work on your part may let you find it earlier in the journey.
So how did you like the The Patriot - Movie Minded? I'll throw in a reaction link at the bottom of the page for you to hit. Been awhile since I've done that. The episodes are finally up on isyndicate.com (the syndication company selling Movie Minded), which means it is up for sale. We now kind of just wait until we get some bites and we're off. I'm still on the confused side of internet syndication. Then again, all advertising in radio and tv and other mediums have been utterly insane to me. All these franchises built on promises, that if the promises don't work...no big deal...you can change some small thing and resell it. And to gauge everything...weighted arbitron diaries... How defunct is that? At least with the internet you can get actual hits from different computers. That's cool. But it ain't my business to worry 'bout that none. LOL - I just get to be creative. Very cool. This all reminds me of the BEST parts of radio. And not having to deal with salespeople is a godsent. SPEAKING OF SALESPEOPLE: (BIG ASS RANT COMING UP)
So I needed a new monitor. Mine has about a 14 inch viewable area and has some magnetic thingees goin on and lines and well...even though it's a sony trinitron, I got it in 1995 - and as a video editor, I NEED SPACE. You gotta be able to put stuff everywhere....In fact the day I can do the dual monitor thing will be a happy day. So I see a 19 inch for $229 in the paper. For any comparion's sake, 2 years ago a 19 inch was over $1200. It can't be that great of a monitor but for $229 and a service plan, I should be cool. So I go into Fry's (a west coast chain) and find it. Go to the salesman and said: "I want that one." He says, and I quote: "Are you sure? Look at this one..." He points me to one for $369. I looked at him and smiled. "Nope, I want that one." He looks at me like I'm a moron. So I turn around and walk away.
Find salesman #2. "I want that one..." "No you don't...what about this model." I swear to you, the man said NO YOU DONT to me. I look for a third salesman and the same damn thing happned. Before I WALKED OUT OF THE STORE...I asked yet another guy: "what the hell's wrong with the cheap one..." He explained the subtle differences...and actually the increased resolution will help my video editing applications. So I picked out the monitor they were pushing because the resolution suited my needs and was finally off. Then comes the service plan ASS REAMING events that are now par for the course. I was all about the plan until I had to pay more for the monitor, and now I didn't want it. Again, more looks from the salepeople like I'm on CRACK. I almost lost it....seriously. I've never truly "lost it" in a store before, but in my mind I said this: "Listen fuck-up, if you ask me one more time for a full service warranty, I'll full-service KICK YOU IN THE NUTS (Cartman voice)" - But I was cool. I politely said "no". As I'm leaving the area, I noticed that the monitor is REFURBISHED. Oh man. I freaked. The F-word was ready to come out man. After all this they're pushing me to USED MONITORS. I went back to salemen #2 I think, and said - I want a NEW MONITOR please. "Oh I'll see if we have any left" - Oh my God I was so pissed. I watched him go through the stack in the back and after much searching he found one. Glad I asked...bastard.
Then I get to the checkout and I hear the two guys commenting on all the celebrities they've seen have to come back and return their stuff because it was all broken. "Yeah, Yasmeen Bleeth (not her, but some famous chick) had to come back 3 times because we kept selling her a bad cable for her printer...." GREAT. Just what I needed to hear. Why the hell would they say this in front of me? My mind went into overtime and I figured they were doing this on purpose to SCARE me into getting the service plan. I was wise to their little act. I promptly said no as they asked AGAIN if I wanted a service plan. They again looked at me like I was a moron. I was starting to believe them.
I plug in my monitor and it's all wavy and blurry. I fixed the blurring problem, but at any resolution over 800x600 the screen would flicker and wave. (sigh) I promptly boxed it up and took it back the following morning.
I also have yet to rant on the lack of english out here, but it's really starting to annoy me. If you can't speak the language, at least try to be POLITE? Please don't act like it's my fault. I hate to be this REPUBLICAN NAZI CONSERVATIVE, but would you even dream of moving to another country without being respectful to their language and customs? You don't even have to be fluent...just be NICE. ANYWAY:
"What's wrong" - Assuming the lady was asking about my monitor and not my well-being, I stated that the monitor was flickering and waving. So they ask me to put it on the counter. Quite a task. This thing is rather huge. But I got it up there, and then 2 guys had to put on the floor behind the desk. For some reason their counter is REALLY high. So they're looking for something to open it, and I said that I already tore the tape and she could just pull it off. But she ignored me and searched for a knife. Ok. They proceed to open it, I assumed to make sure all the parts were in there...I was wrong. They put it on the counter and begin to plug it in. (sigh) There's a huge line of angry people not enjoying this at all. A graphic comes up on the screen and she says: "Nothing wrong...looks fine" Proceeds to put it back in box and throw it at me. I stopped her as I tried to explain that it had to be at a higher resolution to see the problem, I was ignored. She asks the manager to come by and him and 2 other employees look at the screen and say: "It does look a little dark..." "The color is a little off..." What a bunch of retards, you can change the BRIGHTNESS. I finally got their attention and explained that the max resolution was 1600x1200 and even on 1280x1040 it wouldn't work. If they would kindly bring up a desktop and change the settings they could see the problem. Well that apparently confused them and they gave me my money back. Amazing.
Here's the truly amazing part. So I go online and do some research and price scans and found an amzing deal on a highly rated monitor with FREE SHIPPING at onvia.com. I finally purchased it at 1 AM Wednesday morning. It arrived at NOON on Thursday. How's that for incredible. It looks great, works fine, and comes with a nice 3 year factory warranty. I think we're beginning to see the end of the ol' brick and mortar stores. I already swore off stores for buying DVDs last year once I saw how incredibly cheap they were online, and now that places are offering free shipping for a 60 pound package...I'm tellin ya, Going through the hassle of those bastards at Fry's is a thing of the past. What's even better is you can find so much great literature on whatever you're buying. Reviews, testimonials...you can know everything about your product, buy it...even track where the package is getting SCANNED....in a few mouse clicks. I absolutely love the 21st Century.
My GOD, could this be any longer? Do you guys actually read this? Do you even give a shit? HA. That's the good thing about this. I do these entries for my personal diary, and you guys can poke in and read what you want, or none whatsoever. I don't mind.
So there you go, I'm a bit bummin' lately because there's been no free-lance work for Hollywood Screentest, but I've needed the time to get prepared for the move and the wedding. Man, Two weeks away. As lester told me last time, "You're about to slit your throat at 21!" Well, now I'll be closer to 25, but the throat is still happily being slit. Ain't love grand? What an eventful 25 years I've lead.
Oh, by the way, I had a show last week! Forgot to even mention it....here's why:
Saturday, July 22nd, 2000 - 8-10 PM

This has gotta stop. GOTTA. I'd rather not play at all. Again, everyone comes at the end, then I tear down, and on top of no one hearing me,l I don't even have time to make tips. Guy asked me to get off at 10 PM, even though the full audience was watching and enjoying. THe show was fine, having a great time...enjoying myself, and then that. I was gonna be hella-mad, but he ended up apologizing to me at the end of my tear down saying I should call lulu and talk to her, and say that he suggested I play later. Well maybe that'll help. I got a whole $1. Part of me is starting to wonder how long this will go. I love 4tvs so much, but I'm starting to wonder about the price of keeping 4tvs going. I could sell everything including my trailer, get a smaller car...all of this and would really be doing great...but I keep it all for...? I hate to think like this, but the worth of the project seems to be little at this point. Of course if HST falls through and there's no one buying Movie Minded, I guess I'll need it....but then...how would I afford it? I don't know. It certainly seems like 4tvs is fading. But part of me KNOWS...just KNOWS there are more opportunities to be had with that act. It's hard to close up shop...because reopening is so expensive. Ya know, burning a DVD with all my stuff might be worth the investment now. 2 DVDs burnt and a new DVD player would be about $400. Then there'd be no tape involved...instant access..it'd be a lot more fun. I'll keep thinking about it.

More later, from a new cooler apartment...get ready for some funny moving videos. That piano's gotta get down those stairs somehow. WHERE'S THE MOOSE!
Jess and Adam
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JULY 2000