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11:57 PM, Wednesday, May 31st, 2000:
Is it just me? I guess it must be. This was by far the quickest 31 day month of my life. How good it is to say that. Conversely, the previous four were so long and grueling, I needed a May like this. So busy, so much going on...so much excitement. I was thinking about everything, and I have to reiterate again: I got REALLY lucky. I say that so much because my target audience for these entries is people with showbiz dreams sitting in Columbus, Ohio right now. Who I was 6 months ago...thinking "I wish I had some sort of road map for how to 'make-it'"... So I say again, to those of you wishing to follow their dreams...don't DARE expect to get this sort of a break after gigging for 3 months. It just doesn't happen like that. Prepare for years, and be surprised otherwise...as I am.
As the days pass, the true scope of Hollywood Screentest becomes clearer. It's truly incredible what is on the horizon. It's hard to even explain because the site doesn't give you too much info, but it's there. There's now a link on the site that shows all the content they have for syndication that will give you a bit of an idea where I'm headed. The possibilities are endless, and on top of everything...the gigs are still there. Just had one tonight and how invigorating! You forget what it's like to play for a crowd and have them react to the sets. Tonight at Lulu's was awesome. More laughing than I've ever seen....uhm heard. I've already decided that the rest of my gigs are DONE for now. I'll play lulu's once or twice a month and concentrate the rest of my time on the tv show and other Hollywood Screentest projects. Common sense. And the set-up is also SUCH a bitch that I'll gladly take a break. Anyway, I don't have the link up for the show description yet, but I'll throw it up tomorrow. It was fun.
All that's left is to say hold onto your collective butts. This will be an exciting summer. I doubt it will ever live up to the drama that was our first 4 months here, but that's fine with me.
Oh, the voting...well I'm in the top 5 of all 5 categories I'm entered into...lol - not sure there's more than 5 candidates in each category, but STILL... At the end of June, all my votes will be compiled into my best category (most likely special talent), at which point I simply compete against the best males and females. So your votes really count. I know it's complicated as hell, but if you got the time, please vote sometime during June. It'd be cool as hell to be on a national commercial.
Let me also say hello to all the CD101 staff that may be following all of this. I got to hang out with everyone again last weekend, and it was very cool. I certainly don't miss the stress of being production director, but I do miss the people. I'm honored that any of you would even bother to read this, though I guess it's good for a laugh here and there...the death of BL was worth the price of admission alone. OH AND WE FOUND AN EXACT MODEL TO REPLACE BL!!!! So 4tvs lives on without an interrruption. Unfortunately it seems that the other tv that fell isn't doing too well either. We'll see how long that lasts.
Wednesday, May 31st, 2000
*didn't do sex with andy

I swear it felt like I hadn't played in months. The set-up was insane, everything was just foregin. But it also made it fun. Audience was truly digging it tonight. That's cool. The new tv did it's part well. Didn't miss a line or NOTHIN. LOL. Started slow again, and then hit 'em with the offensive shit. Seems like a good way to go. You just never know how people are gonna take the comedy. A lot of soul searching for this gig...I gotta say. Why am I still doing this...went through my head many times. It feels like I should put 4tvs away for a YEAR or something until I'm excited about it again, but once a month is fine. And I love Lulu's...it's just bustin' out at the seams with connections. So I'll call her next week and get a few more bookings. Either way, it's obvious where 4tvs is heading and what my direction is. It really makes the constant gigging seem for not. Oh and the tip jar got a nice filling...$13 BL got $7 - Bastard's first night out and he beats me! TR got $5, and I got $1. Oh and TL isn't doing to well. He was the other TV that fell during the accident. He still works, but he now has some black lines that are going through his screen. He may be on his last legs. Can't tell but it's a hunch. So he's kind of like the Bob Hope of the whole crew right now. He's 97, but still alive. Anyway, great show.

Ahh yes, I almost forgot, this entry's video! I dig this one. It's for the "Talking Head" category. I look so strange in a suit, don't I? VIDEO
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