Freak Accident Kills Bottom Left TV


May 11 2000 10:31AM PT


LOS ANGELES, C.A. (AP) - Television "Bottom Left", the 17-month-old member

of "4tvs - Hearing My Thoughts", was killed Wednesday after a fall of only 6 inches

during taping on a television set in the NoHo Arts District.


YouTube link added 12.20.07


The fall was triggered by "Top Left" slipping out of position during a taping of "Movie

Minded", which crashed into the chair BL was leaning on, leading to the tragic fall. TL

only suffered minor scrapes.


Adam Kontras, creator of 4tvs, missed saving BL by a fraction of a second.

"I heard TL fall and put out my hand to catch BL, but it was just too late."


Investigators have ruled the death as accidental. The board TL was resting on slowly

became dislodged after several takes of the opening sequence for "Movie Minded".


"I told Eric (Moro, director) that we had done enough, but he insisted we do more.

His insistence killed a member of my group, and I hold him solely responsible."

Kontras stated.


"We are replacing BL and will resume taping in a few days. I can't believe Adam is

being so sensitive about this death. It's just a television." Moro said.


The remaining 3 TVS haven't announced whether they will continue performing with

the replacement, or disband and go their seperate ways. "Top Right" certainly made

his opinion known.


"You can't have 4tvs without BL. He was our anchor, our base. He was our John



The tragic accident was caught on tape and can be seen by clicking here. Adam has

asked that wellwishers NOT send money or flowers, but rather please visit and vote for his special talent category where BL

performed his last show.

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MAY 2000