Entry #44
3:55 PM, Sunday, April 30th, 2000:
What an incredible week really...
Last week I finally admitted to all of you that in July we were probably coming home. A week later, I'm so busy I don't have TIME to come home. Of everything I've been involved in during my 5 years of CAREERHOOD...I've never been more in line to BLOW-UP. At this moment I'm taking a break from working on 2 pilots for hollywoodscreentest.com. To give you a perspective, think of hollywoodscreentest.com as Warner Brothers, and I'm making tv shows. That's legitimately what it is. We're just working on such a big scale. If you haven't seen DSL in action, or cable modems, you may not understand the force that the internet is becoming. Speeds so fast that they download faster than they can play. So you can watch full shows, at FULL COMPUTER SCREEN, on command. It's scary, and it's boomin'...
It's funny that already some of you have brought up..."well, but can you still do 4tvs?" The answer is YES. Of course. But you all must realize that 4tvs was a stepping stone. Always. To get me to the next level I had this idea that would OPEN DOORS. It has done that. And now that it's gonna be in a tv show on hundreds of internet sites...the exposure is absolutely incredible. It's so exciting I can barely sleep at night. I lay in bed thinking about EVERYTHING. It's a great feeling. Christmas Eve every night. So is it official? We're staying in LA? Uhm..yeah. Again, let me reiterate, though I have talent, I do work very hard, and I am very determined...I got VERY lucky. I want to say this sooo much, because I know there's some people in Columbus right now that tried and never got the break and feel a sense of failure. Don't. Talent NEVER equals success. Neither does hard work or determination. THOSE ARE SIMPLE REQUIRED TO EVEN TRY. Luck and money play a much bigger part than I ever thought possible. Honestly. Also realize, if you don't work your ass off, you don't even have a PRAYER of making it.
So how have the gigs been going? LOL. Well aaah! CAPELLA is a joke. Here's the last two shows:
Friday, April 28th, 2000
Everything stayed there all week.
*sweet dreams and bread in the freezer
Well, I was there by myself and sure no one was coming. Aaah! Capella is on its way down, and I don't see much helping. As I was about to leave, 2 people walked in! Just out of the blue. So I gave a performance. And man, they loved it. Laughed quite a bit...had a good time. Hell it was a free show for 'em, ya can't beat that. Not exactly SURE why Debbie didn't charge for it, but I guess he figured if they didn't want to pay then I didn't get to play at all. Anyway, I figured they would at least throw me a 5 for everything. Well, BR got a dollar. Now, I don't want to be ungrateful, but I KNOW if I were in this guy's shoes, knowing I wasn't charged...I would've thrown a FIVE my way. I think because they were the only ones there, they felt it was more of just a screw-off. And, he said he's here with his BAND! He's originally from CLEVELAND OHIO...so he has to know what it's like to play for only 2 people...and I saw him take a WAD of money out of his pocket... Oh well. What are ya gonna do. Way to go BOTTOM RIGHT!
Saturday, April 29th, 2000

No show #9 in LA...

It's very sad. I wish I could help out more, but I feel helpless. I have a feeling, I'm just gonna be playing a few coffee shops every couple weeks for awhile. Just to keep my name out there and purely for the enjoyment of the act. I still love it. My singing voice has improved greatly in the past year. Speaking of which...next week is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW! It was a year ago on May 7th that those 4tvs were turned on in CD101's Big Room. How amazing is that?
What I'm working on right now is a show called "Who's In The Lead". It will be a daily syndicated show that will show who's leading the categories at hollywoodscreentest.com. I'm working on all the graphics that will go in between everything. I know I promised you I'd show you all 5 of my auditions right away, but I gotta show you the title sequence I created for the show. I thought audio production was challenging....I haven't even GOTTEN to the audio section yet, and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.
I love projects so much. I would give anything to have my life be a series of projects. To be able to sink your teeth into something and create is a feeling akin to performing. Anyway, here's the sequence without the music and effects... VIDEO. I really wish you could see how great it looks on TV. Once it hits the internet though, there will be a high-bandwidth selection that will be pretty stunning.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
Anyway, I must get back to work...tomorrow were writing the script for the pilot of "Movie Minded"...our working title... And finally, these entries are gonna be exciting again. I sure am glad I got to write my feelings two entries ago before all this happened. That'll be a fun one to read in a few years...
Jess & Adam
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APRIL 2000