Entry #37
11:28 AM, Monday, April 3rd, 2000:
The title isn't as much a statement of fact as it is a statement of prediction. Unfortunately I have no legitimate choices left. Here's the story:
A little over 3 weeks ago, I applied at The Olive Garden to be a server. As I waited for an interview time and planned my next restaurant to apply at I realized this was a pretty lose-lose situation. Unless this place has a SERIOUS lunch crowd, I'm better off making a steady $7 an hour since I cannot work nights because of 4tvs. The Olive Garden guy seemed to avoid me anyway. Every time I'd track him down (finally by hiding in the bushes as he came to work -kidding-) he had more excuses.
I finally said screw this, I'll just go back to Sam Ash and take the infamous "door greeter" position. I set-up an appointment with them 2 weeks ago. They remembered me and had my application and resume. Gave me the Sterling test (see if you lie a lot)...I took it at CD101, and then set-up an appointment with the private investigator as you all read a few entries back. Of course that meeting was yet another week away. Bumming, 'cause I need the $$, but happy because I was sure I had the job....why else would they spend this much dough on me...I went to the PI, answered their questions and gave a call the following day to the supervisor at Sam Ash. He said to call him FRIDAY if I don't hear from him. So now 2 beautiful weeks wasted and the call to them Friday generated a "we chose someone else for that position and we have none available..." He said it in a manner like he had chosen this person days ago. And here's what KILLS me. I understand if you're hiring a manager, even a salesman, getting 3 or 4 candidates together and putting them through the loops. Background checks, several tests, even meeting with a private investigator. But for a $7 an hour position, that's just a waste of money. Even the P.I. said to me: "Oh, I'm sure you have the job, they wouldn't go through all this for nothing..." Well Magnum was wrong. So as I sat on our DUMPSTER couch with the phone in my hand, I finally realized what I have to do to survive. Radio. Period. Even if it means 4tvs eventually fades into the sunset. I can make it no other way.
That of course begs many questions. What's the point? Come all the way out here...to LOOK for a radio gig? CD101 offered me the Late Show full-time with the ability to still do my 4tvs gigs since Joe would co-host...and I came here to give 4tvs the best chance. And the biggest killer is that 4tvs is doing well. This new theater I'm performing at has a SHITLOAD of possibilities and I honestly couldn't be happier about the state of 4tvs in LA in such a SHORT amount of time.
On the other hand so many people have said that radio will help 4tvs. It won't. LOL. I can't really explain this enough, but it will not. First of all, being on the air never helped 4tvs...because I could never mentioned it. If it's not station-funded you can't just talk about it. Just like you'll NEVER hear Andyman mention his bar on the air. People have made the argument that getting a mailing list from radio has helped 4tvs. Heh. There's close to 300 people on the list, and the same 5 people came to all my shows in Columbus. The mailing list is something I keep going because it keeps ME going. The mailing list doesn't do THAT much for 4tvs. Unless of course I fool you guys and then I get 15 responses! :-)
The truth of the matter is radio is extremely time consuming. Even being a Production Director is time consuming. And it's a creative process. Making commercials is fun to some degree. And when your job becomes creative and fun, well it's not a job anymore...it's your life. You stay extra because the final product is important. The same if I get an on-air gig. I'll put twice the hours in OFF the air as I do On-The-Air. Any of you know that I put an 18 hour day in at CD101 every Friday to prepare for my show? It's the only way I know how. And the bottom line is...4tvs will slowly fade away.
So from this point on, my 4tvs promotions cease (I have too many gigs as it is), and I will try to further my radio career. On top of that I'm in the #2 market in the country. I probably have a better chance at getting struck by lightening (in LA - lol) than landing a good job in radio here. What it'll probably mean is I'll start at weekend overnights, and have to cancel my Friday and Saturday gigs. GOD that sucks. But it's something I have to sacrifice now, to have any chance in the future. At the rate Jess and I are going. We won't be moving to a new apartment in July, we'll be moving back to Columbus. No overdramatics here, simple arithmetic.
Oh and by the way, I had 3 shows in a row that were firsts for 4tvs! Check out the shows section of 4tvs.com and read the descriptions. It's been quite a week for 4tvs. A week that ended with Jess and I going to the beach to relax a bit. I got to reenact a scene from my favorite childhood movie: "The Karate Kid" Adamson has no balance. LOL.
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And finally Jess's reaction to Palaur!!! We've been HELLA-busy this week and I promise you I won't write another entry until she can sit down and say some words on the site. I feel she has to so you know she's completely cool with it. Everyone who starts to go through it always asks me..."Jesus, what does Jess think about this?" heh heh. Please know that I actually speak to my fiancee before doing things. She's a partner, not a recipient. But I'll let her tell you all that. For now...CHECK OUT THE SITE!
Anyway, LA - radio...here I come... let's see what happens...
Jess & Adam
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APRIL 2000