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10:08 PM, Wednesday, April 19th, 2000:
I remember vividly visiting my grandmother when she worked at the family insurance company above The Golden Eight Ball circa 1979. There were 2 video games there: Space Invaders and Circus. My uncle Tim was 3 1/2 years older, and thus Space Invaders was his choice. I loved Circus. My grandmother had to pick me up and hold me up to the controls. A HUGE childhood memory was this game.
Then one day at Godfather's Pizza (Used to be Farrell's - that loud ass place to scare kids on their birthday), I walked into a room where there were 8 videogames, and one of them was PAC-MAN. This time I used a chair and was completely enthralled. My addiction to videogames was set.
Then came 1981. Godfather's Pizza, and a brand new game...Ms. Pac-Man. From this point on, I've never been able to pass a machine without playing. NUTTY about this game. My mom would give me 4 quarters, and I'd be gone for about 2 HOURS, 'cause I got so good at this game. I actually beat the world record of 200,000 something (according to the 1985 Guiness Book of Worlds Records) when I was 11. I later found out that I did it on a a souped up version of ms. pac-man, where you can move MUCH faster than the ghosts...the original record was on the NORMAL machine..but STILL. All the revolutions in videogames came and went, but Ms. Pac-Man was always my favorite.
What the hell is my point already...
I now own a 1981 Ms. Pac-Man table-top arcade game. I swear to god, it's a thrill that I never thought I'd have. I've wanted this thing for nearly 20 years. I cannot believe I have one. So how did I get it?
Everything was set-up Friday, but apparently Debbie forgot that he had booked 5 heavy metal bands. I played door man tonight...For 5 hours I had to be a freakin' bouncer. The worst $14 I ever made. Total that is. Either way. He had a variety show planned for Friday and pushed it to tonight. Well no one showed after getting screwed the night previous and Jess and I sat there for 3 hours. Great night.
Well, I've kept somewhat mum about this, but the aaah! CAPELLA shows have been pretty atrocious. I've been mum because these were a BIG deal. The reason being is that the theater is basically 5 minutes from completely going under. Bad business decisions by the owner has gotten him in over his head, and I've been over there quite a few times, trying to clean up the place and help him out. I feel bad for him, because the space is just SOOOO huge, and he can't seem to pull it together. If you've checked the shows section of the site, you've seen that there have been quite a few no-shows...because he's too busy trying to keep the electricity on to worry about it. It all came to a head when he finally planned a show Friday when I was performing to get people in. A variety show with other comedians and such. Well, I get there and he forgot about a 4 band heavy metal concert he already booked. I ended up playing "doorman" for the next 5 hours for $14. I was HIGHLY pissed. He was completely unprepared, there were kids everywhere, doing all sorts of chemicals. Cops came by, everything...it SUCKED. And they were pissed about paying $7. And I'm the big doorman. Unhappy. He reschedules for the variety show to be the next night, and I'm the only one who shows up. Sweet jesus I was pissed. His head is constantly spinning, and I have obviously caught the tail end of what was a kick-ass venue. Well, on Tuesday I went over there and helped him fix his computer, and tried to get his spirits up. On my side, he does have a bunch of contacts, and can help my career out, but on an unselfish side I just feel bad for him. He's not the businessman. His wife was, and she left him (amazing what becoming a drag queen can do to a marriage), and now he's just stuck. My heart goes out to him, because he does my motto of "following his heart", but unfortunately has NO BUSINESS sense to go along with it.
The next night was my night, and...
Saturday, April 15th, 2000

Had it all set up the night before, but no one showed after getting screwed yesterday and Jess and I sat there for 3 hours. Great night.

Well, he had a Ms. Pac-Man game and he let me have it for all the times I've helped him out the past 3 weeks. God love-him. He obviously has my loyalty for as long as he needs it, but unfortunately I don't see this place making it more than a month. I hope he can find some way to pull it off, but it looks grim. Either way, I'm still playing there this weekend and whatever weekends he has left. It's very sad. We'll see what happens.
But of course on the bright side, he has made a childhood dream of mine come true. Getting to take apart this machine and see what I had been popping quarters into the last 20 years was an amazing thrill. I'm so damn excited I can't even tell you. I even played myself at a 2-Player game...check it out: VIDEO...
YouTube link added 12.20.07
As well, I'm putting together my auditions for the MTV commercial and the next 5 emails will have my 5 auditions. Theyr'e pretty funny. I'm having quite a bit of fun with my after effects program. Video production is becomming just as fun as audio production for me. Who knows where that will lead me.
Anyway, be on the lookout for some cool videos, and as well...please throw some videogame stories my way! I'd love to post some reactions...
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