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1:09 AM, Friday, April 14th, 2000:
Thursday, April 13th, 2000 - 8:00 - 11:00 PM
Again, parking in front is a life saver. I parked halfway on the curb with my trailer, but it's out of everyone's way...so it's all good. Or so I thought...
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Let me first start off by saying, this was by far...without a doubt...not even a tiny bit, the greatest show in LA I've had so far. It could very well be the best all time, but for now...I'll just keep it at LA. Here's the WHOLE damn story:
A pretty thin crowd when I started so I started slow. They were all heavy into their books, or cards, or whatever so the HARRY set is a great start. Can't tell you how glad I am that I made that set. It's completely unobtrusive. I can be background music for a little bit. Very nice. Went into the love set when I noticed Lovely Rita Meter Maid giving my ass a parking ticket. "Oh my god I'm getting a ticket, the hell do I do now?" They all said: "MOVE IT!" So I jump off stage, and a guy who was sitting outside was already talking to the lady trying to give me a break. I couldn't believe how cool he was being. She was not having it. So I run up and asked if I could move it..."You can do whatever you want now..." Alrighty then. "You mean I can't unload my stuff here?" You can unoload it, but you can't park it..." They have these little computers for tickets. It's awesome really. They punch in everything and it's save in this UPS looking device. ANYWAY - "Can I just move it please?" "Nope, it's already in the system..." (sigh) "So what's this gonna cost me?" "$80" JESUS...that is SOOO much food. "Wow, that's pretty rough when I'm playing for free..." I just walked back in all bummed. Wow. $80 bones for a parking ticket. Man. Then that guy who was talking to her said: "Hey, she's letting you off!!" I turn around and she's walking back to her car. I went back and asked what was going on and she said she was letting me off... "I'll be nice, I'm letting you off" Man, did I run to my car fast. Moved that thing. LOL. She has no clue how much $80 meant to me at that moment. Wow.
So I go back in and pick up where I left off. The crowd started to pick up and I finished the set with Michael Jackson. Went and talked to some people...Jess ended up sleeping in the car she was so tired, and as I walked her out I saw the infamous Rob Henning there with the Co-producer/Lead Actor of the movie. Said hello and was anxious to see the show. (Rob is the guy who's doing the short film that wants to put me in at the end doing 4tvs) So I go back in and the place was just packed. The video you saw was BEFORE this of course...oh and that's me new TIP JAR! It rocks, there's 5 seperate holes to place money so you can vote for your favorite...one of the 4tvs or me. You know I couldn't possibly make a NORMAL tip jar. LOL. Anyway, here's where the story gets good...
First of all, the actor guy was diggin it. He was also drinking from a GALLON water bottle. It took both of his hands to sip from it. How freakin' strange...but he wasn't the most interesting. There was a nother guy to my right eating dinner that watched for about 2 songs, and immediately picked up his cell phone. From what I could gather he was calling his friends and telling them about the show. This had happened before back in Columbus, and it's so freakin' cool. A guy calls someone and then points the phone at me so they can hear. How sweet is that. Well he made 2 more calls, and believe it or not...15 minutes later his friends came...about 5 of them and he just smiled and pointed at me. They took up two tables and I noticed the strangest thing. They started signing to each other. Not like gang signs...I mean...they were deaf. I was so confused. I mean...first, how the hell do you CALL a deaf person on your cell phone...heh heh and second...what the hell would they get out of 4tvs? Anyway, I continued with my set and when I was finished the deaf guy came up and introduced himself...and well I'm a moron, he wasn't deaf. :-) His name was Eric Moro and he was a producer at hollywoodscreentest.com. Basically a Star Search for the internet. He was buzzin about my show. He explained what he did and then told me about a contest they're doing in conjunction with MTV. It's a 6 category contest for actor/actress, model, vocalist, comedian, talking head (broadcaster) and special talent. You simply send in a 30 second video of your category. He told me to apply for all 6 with what I can do. The $20 fee is waived for the month of April. So I will of course make 6. Now I figured as has happened before, that this was just a guy wanting to promote his site, and get another contestant. Blah, blah...but he went a step further. He wants to showcase me on the site as THE guy for the special talent section. He wants to film the show and interview me and the TVS. He asked what that would take...and I told him it would be quite a feat, but very possible. I'd just have to sit down with the interviewer and script it all out...but it could very well be choreographed and look stunning. All this, and he gave me a card, asked for my info and said he'll be at my show tomorrow with his boss. I gave him a promo tape as well, so just in case they couldn't make it he could still see the show. And for the first time....the FIRST time...he was just as concerned about getting my info as I was getting his. Asked my email address twice, made SURE to tell me to EMAIL him with as much info as possible. I really hate to get too excited, but folks...if I can't blow you away with 30 seconds of 4tvs...whew, loss for words here. I can produce a 30 second video to look freakin' INCREDIBLE. Hell you've all seen my behind the music 3 stuff... Shit, I'm gonna say it! DAMNIT...I can't help it! I'm gonna win this freakin' thing. Bar none, absolutely...without a doubt. Go check out the site and see the parameters of the contest. Hit Special Talent, and tell me that 30 seconds of slickly produced 4tvs video won't absolutely blow people away. GOD DAMN, I am excited. I am at a complete loss for words. Unfortunately the prize, on top of the MTV appearence is an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood...yeah, THANKS. Hopefully if I win this I can fly my parents out or something...heh...murphy's law is still alive and well in my life sometimes.
So after that bit-o-news, I was a bit excited. I played until the crowd died out and checked my tip jar...8 BILLS BABY! LOL, Live Adam beat bottom left TV 7-1...or so I though. One of those $1 bills was a $20 with the inscription: "you have a fabulous voice!" Didn't notice this until I was HOME. Kick Ass...so "Live Adam" won $26 to $1What a great freakin night.. OH! and I talked to Rob after the show! He said, I'm in! I will be at the end of this short film. The director went for it. Now I'm not holding my breath because my feeling for Rob isn't too great yet. It's a great lesson in life when judging character, that people that talk more than show are full of shit. Like this Eric Moro guy...instantly gave me every piece of legitimate info he could as soon as possible within the conversation. The site, his phone number, his email, his card...his address...his EVERYTHING. I've seen Rob 3 times and nothing. So, while this could still be awesome...the news for tonight is without a doubt the MTV news... This is gonna happen. Wow, you really gotta have a master will to make it through this roller coaster called "showbiz" without leaving in a year. I comPLETEly understand why people come to LA, and are back in a couple years. This is insane. My mood swings are absolutely incredible, and I'm relatively logical and stable. I never take the bad news TOO bad, or the good news TOO good ('cept tonight...lol), but the seperation between the extremes is well...extreme. Right now I'm soaring, but tomorrow the "roomate" thing could just fall through for some stupid reason, and Jess and I would be in a financial undertoe so strong we'd be sailing back to Columbus. Wow. I still believe talent and determination are more valuable than luck...but it certainly is a close second.
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